the anticipation! (pre-birthday restlessness)

I’m getting twitchy. Antsy. Restless.

Why? … My birthday is in 3 weeks.

Birthdays are big things to me. Especially my birthday. (I mean, it’s a day to celebrate me. It may make me vain, shallow, or selfish… but who doesn’t like birthdays?)

Every year I try to plan some spectacular party. For my 18th birthday, I think it was a big water gun fight… My 21st was dinner with my mom & college boyfriend. 25th was a big picnic (with like, 2-3 dozen cupcakes) at a dog park. 27th was cake at one of my favorite bars. I always plan some big event… but they never really work out. It rained, boyfriend didn’t arrive until MANY hours later, it rained again, no one showed up…

So, a few months ago—when, sadly, is when I start thinking about my birthday party—I decided to put on the breaks. As much as I want some big, fantastic party with all my friends, I’m just not going to plan it this year. Trust me. I want to. But I’m tired of getting caught up in the details, and I just want to relax and just enjoy my day with some friends…

Luckily, this year, the Muccas are making that last part easy on me. This year for my actual birthday, I’ll be on the Mucca bus, heading to Brooklyn, NY. You know, I couldn’t be happier. In fact, I’m probably a little too excited about being on a bus for hours and hours. But I’ll be with people that I love, and that’s all that matters.

I’m not even really asking for gifts. I mean, I told my mom she could get me a juicer. And there was one other person who knows of something special I want.. but that’s about it.. And I mean… it’s not like I have some not-so-secret-birthday-wishlist pinterest board… not at all… But as long as I get a lot of hugs from my friends, I’ll consider it to be a super, fantastic birthday. And I couldn’t ask for me.

Do you have special things you do for your birthday? Are you a big planner? Throw big parties? I gotta know I’m not the only one!

just a mild bit of craziness going on!

So, I was supposed to have this finished and wanted to post this yesterday morning.  But that didn’t happen.  So a lot more has gone on since I started this.  But I’m only going to write this through Friday night and leave Saturday out of this for now.  A lot of stuff has gone on and I’m working through how exactly to write about it all.

I never thought I’d have so much going on now that I’m not working 40-hours a week!  I can really thank BlogHer for almost all of it.  There’s also some other stuff, personal stuff I guess… but yeah.  It’s really hard to believe that I’ve only been out for just a couple days.

Well, here’s a run-down of what’s been going on in just those few days.

  • I went directly from my last day of work to a networking event hosted by Webgrrls.  It was interesting to meet a lot of really talent women (and one man!) and to get some great advice from people who’ve been freelancing for a while.  Not-to-mention meeting another 20sb girl, Rabbit White.
  • I had a little bit of drama.  Some not so happiness, which I guess started early on Wednesday… I’m still dealing with it.
  • Played Mario Kart with Rachel & Jenn (and Rachel’s husband, Dan) rather than going to a huge cocktail party (that had swag).  This game was improved by three-way conference call.  Seriously, so much yelling.  Um.  Needless to say, Rachel owned.
  • Met one of my neighbors.  Well, he’s about a 7-minute walk from my place.  But it was a good visit.
  • I made a good outfit choice for my debut at BlogHer.  Not only did I look good — and get some nice glances (and occasional stares) from guys and gals — but Rebekah was able to recognize my vest thanks to some “WHAT DO I WEAR” tweets.
  • Received SO MUCH free stuffs from the BlogHer sponsors at the expo hall.
  • Had another change in plans for the BlogHer parties…  And I really want to thank Justine from Brand About Town for extending me an invitation to join the Nintendo Enthusiast dinner.  Horse-drawn carriages to take us to the Hancock Building… A great dinner up in the Signature Room on the 95th floor — and even more spectacular views of the city than I could even imagine… I got to spend the evening with my amazing friends and some really awesome other women.  Not to mention a great surprise at the end of the evening.  I am so very grateful for the opportunity to join this event and to be able to stay with my friends that evening rather than going off to parties by myself.  I was so taken aback, that I had tears in my eyes.  Top it off with another carriage ride back to the hotel with my friends.. Perfect evening.

things I learned from turning 25

  1. Nature doesn’t care about your plans or the fact that you were expecting 20-30 people plus dogs to show up at the beach, had puppy party bags all made up, as well as the perfect outfit picked out and that this whole day is supposed to be all about you (aka ME)… Nature says “Nice try” and just rains on your parade.
  2. 10 people is a very good number of people for my tiny, tiny apartment.
  3. People made funny noises when they play Mario Kart on the Wii.
  4. When you have a variety of cupcakes, cut them in sections so everyone can pick and choose and try all the flavors.
  5. 4-dozen cupcakes is quite ambitious for 10 people to consume.
  6. Alcohol is a universal gift.
  7. You never know who’s going to end up in China.
  8. It’s totally okay to bring a dozen cupcakes to a bar.
  9. Small Ronnie is still pretty much the best ever.
  10. Skype calls do not show up as proper numbers or anything I’d normally answer on my cell’s caller ID.
  11. Phoebe’s has the best cupcakes and icing I’ve had in a long, long, long time — and very affordable too.
  12. Cupcake crawls are popular.
  13. Give a person a cupcake, they buy you beer.
  14. People tend to forget about people’s dislike of beer (aka mine).
  15. There’s always a friend available to drink your unwanted beer.
  16. Claudio’s tamale’s are pretty freaking awesome.
  17. Tamales are best eaten push-pop style.
  18. The best way to end a night is receiving hugs from some pretty awesome people.
  19. 3 1/2 year old leave the best voicemail messages.
  20. Your mom will eventually join facebook.
  21. Flipflops are a bitch, despite being a simple thing to wear.
  22. You never know who you’ll meet on public transportation.
  23. You really do need your social security card to get your license renewed (aka first Illinois license).
  24. It is possible to speed clean your apartment AND hide your dishes under towel and that no one will care.
  25. Being 25 really does feel like being 25.

And there you have it.  I hope to bring you more pictures as others post them online.  Overall, I’ve got to say… Best. Birthday. Ever. I’ve got some amazing people in my life right now and chilling with them this weekend has been absolutely amazing.  I’ve gotten great messages (online and on my phone), gotten a lot of hugs, laughed a lot, and just generally had a great time.  25, you’re off to a great start.