UbiChamps: Just Dance Disney – it’s Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

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I am a huge Just Dance fan. And when I got the opportunity to get Just Dance Disney, I knew instantly that this game would be perfect for my niece!

G is 7 now, and she absolutely loves music and dancing. Also being 7 she’s still a big fan of Disney. Now, she won’t get this until Christmas—so this is sort of letting the cat out of the bag, but I’m very trusting of my friends and family that they won’t spill the beans!

It’s got some of the great classic Disney songs, like Be Our Guest (Beauty and the Beast), Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo (Cinderella), The Bare Necessities (The Jungle Book), and Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (Mary Poppins). It’s also got music from The Muppet Show, Lilo & Stitch, The Little Mermaid, Aristocats, and even “It’s A Small World” from the theme parks. Now, showing my age, it’s also got a good handful of new music from Disney Channel favorites that I personally wasn’t familiar with: Jessie, A.N.T., Wizards of Waverly Place, High School Musical, and even Hannah Montana. Best song name is from Phineas And Ferb: S.I.M.P. (Squirrels In My Pants). My niece, however, knows all of these.

There are also different game modes, which I’m sure would be a lot of fun in a multiplayer setting. Things like Balloon Pop and Freeze & Shake. Mostly they both involve shaking the wiimote at specific times, and in the case of Freeze & Shake, holding perfectly still when it says to.

Now, there is also a parents screen. This has some options as well as game info such as play tracker, progress, and medals so you can see how you’re kid is doing (and how long—and when—they’ve been playing). Disney Family has even included tips for healthy, active kids.

You can get Just Dance: Disney Party at amazon for Wii or Xbox.

This game seems perfect for kids ages 5-8. The songs are fun. The moves aren’t too complicated, but do progress appropriately. And the songs are more on the shorter side, around 2 minutes each. I know G is going to love it.

UbiChamps: Assassin’s Creed III for Wii U (and your chance to win a copy!)

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I have not played any of the titles in the Assassin’s Creed series. Primarily, that’s because most of these games weren’t released on the systems that I owned. But when I heard that ACIII was coming out on the Wii U, something really intrigued me.

I’ve played action and adventure games before, but I can’t remember the last time I played in an open world setting. (Which is basically a free roaming model where the player is able to go anywhere they want in the environment.) I also don’t normally go for these “slash & kill” games either. However, I’ve been wanting to expand my gaming horizons, so to say, and this game seemed like the perfect fit.

There’s good artwork, an interesting storyline (epic battle between assassins and the Knights Templar, with this one taking place during the American Revolution), and I’d been hearing some interesting things about the advancements in the game.

Not having played any of the previous titles does concern me, I’m curious as to whether or not this will effect how I do in this game (which is actually the 5th title in the series). And I am sort of nervous if this is going to feel like a “blood & guts”/”boys club” style game. But I’m not too concerned about that.

I’ve been told there are new features specific for the Wii U, but I’ve yet to read about them… so I’m sort of looking forward to that surprise. Especially how it might play into the multiplayer mode. I do know that the gamepad can serve to display the map as well as other tools, or you can switch to “remote play” which means you can play directly on the gamepad and someone else can watch tv.

Now, the really awesome thing? Assassin’s Creed 3 is the Gold Box deal of the day on Amazon! Which means you should probably head over to Amazon and snag yourself a copy of Assassin’s Creed III.

In case you’re like me, and want to see some gameplay before you decide on a game, check out my fellow gamer, TJ’s walkthroughs. I’d do my own, but I sort of lack all that fancy equipment. Plus TJ is more entertaining and often does accents. (Just skip to minute 9 of the first video for proof.)

OK. And the big important thing: Clevergirls/UbiChamps are giving away 5 copies of this game! TODAY! All you need to do is retweet this message below on twitter (of course):

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I got the moooooooves like Jagger… – UbiChamps review of Just Dance 4

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Something I learned first hand this week is that it is pretty much impossible to be unhappy and dance at the same time. I was having a rough night, and though my friends were there to help, what I really needed was a distraction and some fun. So I popped a bottle of wine and put in Just Dance 4 on my Wii U.

After my first song, I was definitely feeling better. An hour, and half a bottle later… I was laughing, still dancing, and getting 5 star scores. Oh, and at some point I had lost my pants. (Hence why there’s no video/photos of me playing.)

Now, I’m not recommending you go get slightly drunk and lose your pants… but I am recommending getting Just Dance 4 for whatever gaming system you own. JD4 was actually the very first game I got for my Wii U. In fact, I got the game before I got the Wii U!

So the game play is pretty much the same—which is exactly want you want, an upbeat dance game. However, exclusive to the Wii U, Puppet Master mode. With this, a fifth person can control the gameplay and choreography moves on the fly.

Since I live alone, I haven’t had a chance to do this… But seeing how much fun my family had last holiday season with my Wii, I’m pretty sure this game will make it home this year.

My family and I are definitely not known for our dance moves. So this will surely be an entertaining time. Sibling rivalry is going to go to extreme hilarious means as I take on my brother in dance battles. Also, I predict my niece is going to kick all our butts across the board. (The fact the Umbrella by Rihanna is on there, yeah, she memorized that song when she was 3 and I’m sure she still remember the words.)

Thing that I’ve liked about the Just Dance series, it’s a lot of fun, but can also be included in a workout routine. And if you’re like me and holiday food—hello, turkey, potatoes, gravy, pie. omg pie—well, then more family fun also means dancing away to seconds, thirds, and even fourths.

Pretty sure you can guess which song I think you should start out with…

there are no dance emergencies. (#UbiChamp Just Dance 3 review)

So… a little known fact about me is that I have this secret ambition to be a dancer. It’s sort of a part of my not-so-secret ambition of being a rock star. (You know, more of a rock star than I already am.) But well, I’m actually a little awkwardly shy about dancing.*

Okay, I’m not really shy about dancing at Mucca shows. Mostly because I’ve known them for almost 4 years now… But also because I’m not really dancing as much as bouncing/bopping up and down. And half the time I’m too distracted to really dance about because, hey, it’s Mucca Pazza and they are crazy awesome (heavy on both the crazy and the awesome).

(photo by CB Lindsey)

Anyway. When it comes to me dancing…. DANCE EMERGENCY!**

So when CGC sent me a free copy of Just Dance 3 to review… I was excited. And nervous. But luckily I knew the only people I’d have to subject to my awkward dancing would be my cats, and their silent judgments don’t bother me. (And all I have to do is throw a mousy toy across the room and they’ll be distracted for.. well, a minute. They are cats after all.)

I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I WAS THINKING saying yes to this game. Don’t get me wrong. It’s fun. Really fun. But OHEMGEE did that game have me sweating and gyrating and flailing like a crazy lady. Seriously, check out the trailer:

There’s no warm up, you’re just thrown in. So it took me a little bit to get used to it. First thing I learned, wearing fleece pants, fuzzy sock-slippers, and a hoodie… not the smartest move unless you’re seriously looking to sweat off some pounds. Also those fuzzy sock-slippers + wood floors, not a good combination either. Since the Wii really only judges you based on where the Wiimote is, aka, it only cares where one hand is, I slowly only focused on the arm movements and didn’t really bother getting my legs into it much. (Which, if you’ve seen me dance anywhere, I’m one of those “feet planted in the ground for dear life” dancers anyway.)

After about 2 songs I quickly realized why people incorporate this game into their workout routines. It’s something I’m actually considering myself. A nice little workout and hey, maybe I’ll pick up some new moves too.

Thank you to Ubisoft for sponsoring this blog post. Please click here to learn more about Ubisoft. I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective. All opinions are my own.

*Unless you add in some liquid encouragement. Drunk girl can dance.
**If you’ve been to a Mucca show, you get this.
***Also, the entire time I played this game I was imagine myself/picturing Jessica (the middle cheerleader in the picture).
****Those two little Asian babies totally dance better than me.
*****Yes, that is an affiliates link for the game.

I just saw this video, and you know for a fact I’ll be downloading this tonight!

(review) Petz Bunnyz Bunch

Easter is coming up, and I’ve decided to continue my streak of being the coolest Aunt ever.

In fact, I got to be the coolest big sister ever for a bit too.  You all know that I’m a huge Nintendo fan.  Love it.  Well, I’m not the only one in my family.  In the past week, myself and my two youngest sisters got to try out one of Ubisoft’s latest: Petz Bunnyz Bunch.

I’ll admit, this isn’t the first title I’d run out and get for myself.  But the Petz games are on the top of my list for the younger ones in my family.  I’d gotten their Catz game for my niece for Christmas — and she quickly named her first virtual kitty after one of my own cats.

When I told my two youngest sisters — A., age 10, and L., now 8 — that they were going to get to play a bunny game and then get to teach me how to do it… Well, I should have had my camera ready to capture those smiles.  This game incorporates two things they love: video games and pets.  L. is going crazy asking for her very first pet — a gold fish — and so she was more than ready to show how responsible she could be with her virtual bunnies.

Because I wanted my sisters to work on their writing skills some, I had them write out their own little reviews of the game…

A. (10): “What I like about the game is that you get to own bunnies, Play with the bunnies, and do games with the bunnys. What I dislike about the game is you can only have one account.”

L. (8): “Everything was fun. The part I don’t like is you have to unlock the last 3 bunnyz.”

So, like the other games in the Petz series, you pick out your pet, name it, and then take care of it.  You make sure your pet has enough food and water, you can groom the pet, and — the part the girls like the best — you can play games with the pets.  My sisters loved showing me how they got their bunnies through the obstacle course.  The better you do, the more coins you get, and the more stuff you can buy (another thing my sisters really liked).  The controls are all fairly simple.  Most of it is all easy stylus gestures.

While the game isn’t for me, I do want to say that like many other Ubisoft games, it’s still good.  My sisters main complaint was since they were sharing my DSi XL, they couldn’t create two different accounts.  Thus, L. got all the girl bunnies and A. got all the boy ones.  And each set had matching names, like Lolly and Lollie or Lion and Roar, even Cutey and Cutie.  They teamed up pretty well to play this game.

As a group, my sisters and I have decided that we’re going to send this one to our niece, G.  As I mentioned, she absolutely LOVED Ubisoft’s Petz Catz game, so I know this one will be a winner too.  (If my sisters had their own DS’s I probably would have let them keep it, but they’re supposed to save up if they want their own systems.)

While Ubisoft provided me with this game to review, the opinions I’ve expressed here are solely my own and represent my honest viewpoint. UbisoftClever Girls Collective and I promote Blog With Integrity.