Meat Free Monday #3: lemon & goat cheese pasta sauce

18 January 2017

Ok. I hit a point recently where I’m just not excited about food. It happens every so often — I’ve got a kitchen full of food, but yet I just have no interest making or eating any of it. Some of this is due to my stomach just not sitting well with the food I’ve […]

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Meat Free Monday #2: Buffalo Chickpea sandwich

11 January 2017

One of the interesting things about starting this Meat Free Monday adventure is that I’ve had to remind myself that just because I’m not eating meat on Monday specifically, it doesn’t mean it needs to be a part of all my meals every other day. Like, it’s completely OK for me to eat vegetarian meals […]

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Why I didn’t talk about books at all last year.

6 January 2017

Something changed last year. It wasn’t necessarily a conscious choice. Not at first. But last year, I didn’t blog at all about what I was reading. No monthly posts. Not even a random check-in. Just simply no real mention of books. Part of the factor is that I did not blog much at all this […]

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Meat Free Mondays #1: Honey-Garlic Cauliflower

4 January 2017

As I mentioned in my 2017 goals, I wanted to attempt going meat-free for one full day once a week, at least through the month of January. As fun as I think this is going to be — simply for the excitement of exploring new recipes and protein sources — I found that I had […]

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New Year Focuses for 2017

2 January 2017

As I mentioned, I’m not so great with goals. So as I look towards this new year, yeah, I’m a little hesitant. However, new year new better me! I’ve got to admit it’s a good time to reflect on things, decide what will be your priorities, if there are any new things you want to […]

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Looking back at 2016

31 December 2016

I have a weird relationship with goal setting. Especially New Years goal setting. Often, this past year included, they just feel like a list of all the things I never did, never got around to. A lot of that falls on me, I don’t always actively work towards my goals every single day, they aren’t […]

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How I failed at bullet journaling. (and my attempts at round two.)

28 December 2016

As I started my bullet journal months ago, part of me kind of knew that I’d likely give up on it. And two months in, I did exactly that. I think I was more upset that I spent the money on a moleskine notebook. With so few pages used, I decided to attempt another use […]

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my holiday wish list…

18 December 2016

Logitech C920 webcam: So, apparently the built-in webcam on my laptop isn’t wanting to work right now… But I’ve been looking to get a C920 anyway for my cooking streams. Bear paws oven mitts: I’ve had these on my list for a while. And I actually just got them from my youngest sister. Turns out putting […]

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Ups and Downs and Small Endings: the conclusion of my first semester of grad school

15 December 2016

I find it both hard to believe, and also extremely relieved, that this semester is over. During it, the semester felt like it dragged on for years. But now that it’s over it feels like it was nothing but a heartbeat. (I guess that’s life though.) This semester was really rough — and I don’t […]

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That time of the month

13 December 2016

Yeah, I know, I made that “ugh” face, too, with that title. However, thanks to science, I actually don’t get a cycle any more and thus that aspect of “that time of the month” no longer means anything to mean. Just because I don’t get periods any more (yay!), doesn’t mean I still don’t have […]

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