Currently… (the “apparently I am a curmudgeon and hermit” addition)

20 May 2017

Feeling: Like crap. And tired. I was supposed to get my last (as in, also last ever) Depo shot last week. However, I wasn’t able to work out a ride to the pharmacy for a while, and when I did there were at least 5 people waiting inside and 4 cars lined up at the drive […]

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Saying Goodbye to My Uterus: it’s really happening

11 May 2017

I’ve been looking at this blank screen for hours. And frankly I’ve been trying to figure out how I would write this post for months now. Regardless, in three weeks, I’ll be having a hysterectomy. None of it feels real at the moment. It completely hasn’t sunk it yet. This was kind of a long […]

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25 April 2017

Apparently I haven’t done a “currently” post in a long time. Though, as typically, it doesn’t feel like much is going on in my life, but there is a constant flow of many moving parts. *Thanks to Lacey for the realization that bitmoji are available on chrome, and also piquing my curiosity to create myself in […]

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Where resting had tricked me into thinking I’m healthier than I am

19 April 2017

One of the deceptive things about spending all my time at home is that it makes me feel like I’m doing pretty well, health-wise. Let’s face it, I’m not pushing myself each day and letting my body get much needed rest. However, when I finally get out and try to do something? I’m reminded pretty […]

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For the eaters: Cajun chicken with a one-pot fettuccini alfredo

29 March 2017

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been finding joy (or I guess maybe stability and comfort) in cooking lately. Because it feels like the only exciting thing going on in my life right now, it’s sort of flooded my instagram feed. I never really expected it to become a foodstagram account, but at this point I’m ok […]

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How I realized my obsessive computer habits were turning me into a monster

27 March 2017

I didn’t really realize it before, but I had some pretty obsessive tendencies when it came to my laptop and its setup. In my life, I’m a complete neat freak or anything, but things have their places and that’s sort of where they belong. And as I sort of relaxed a little on that, apparently […]

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Cooking my way through depression

23 March 2017

With everything that’s been going on — leaving school, not working, car broken down, health problems — it’s not really surprising that I’m not doing well mentally or emotionally. There’s a lot going on, and most of it hasn’t been great. I’m not unfamiliar with depression, though. Nor anxiety. Actually, one thing that sort of has been […]

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And then things came tumbling down

21 March 2017

I remember the sense of pride that came with grad school. The warm and electrifying confidence that came when theories began to make sense, or two theories clicked with each other, or with a method. I remember that kind of selfish, and not so humble feeling of “oh man, I am smart” when you’re able to […]

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Sort-of updates, thoughts, and things I’m loving

1 March 2017

I’ve had a hard time posting lately. While there hasn’t necessarily been a lot going on each day for me lately, there have been some major changes in my life. Also, there are upcoming events which have the potential to lead to further major life changes. These last few weeks have been really hard, while […]

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BuJo Round 2: Monthly Spreads

6 February 2017

I’m now one month in to my new re-boot of my bullet journal. Throughout the month, I kept thinking “man, I should be doing more with this…” But in all honesty, it was kind of nice not to have to deal with it so much. I could have included my One Positive Thing 365 project […]

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