Oh hey, what’s new?

Middle of the month and I’ve been kind of off social media for a couple weeks now. Only small things, really. I’ll admit, a lot of my avoidance of social media was because of the GOT premiere. Now that I’m caught up there… let’s catch up here.

1.My hair is getting so. long. I’ve decided not to cut it until after my thesis defense — which is now scheduled for September… But… I might need a little trim and shaping before then. I mean, look at that top knot! Something I’ve never been able to really do before! Still trying to figure out what to do with my hair, but it’s been fun having this change.

2. While I sort of planned on maybe being more conservative with my time on Twitch… I’m now more involved! Along with modding for Lucid, I’m also modding for fellow Team Catalyst member, Fhaelin. (So I’m now modding for 6 partnered streamers!)

3. After an AMAZING time with Molly of Stratejoy talking about expectations.. I’m realizing I was holding my trip to Europe up to other people’s standards. As much as I want it to be this amazing travel experience and totally instagram worthy… I’m also realizing that I would be just as happy mainly staying in England, rather than being on the go for my entire 3 weeks, and maybe getting a room out in the English countryside… We’ll see what happens as we get closer to June. But whatever this trip turns out to be — it’s just going to be mine.

4. There are TWO weeks left of the semester — and while I don’t want to jinx things — things… are almost falling in place? I’m just kind of giving over the reigns and trusting. Still being active, of course, but trusting that whatever comes next, things will work out. That I’m strong enough, skilled enough, and just ready to tackle whatever life has in store for me next.

5. The past few weeks have been kind of the most amazing and beautiful whirlwind. And I cannot wait to share things with you soon.

Tell me, what’s new with you?

April Goals

As always, let’s start off by looking back… at the goals I absolutely forgot that I had written. (Good job, me. Good job.)


  • Complete 75% of my thesis. NOPE. Given the scope of the coursework and tasks for my assistantship, I’ve come to realize that defending my thesis this semester was not going to happen.
  • Finalize my CV and apply to 3 jobs. Half. My CV is updated, but I haven’t applied to anything yet.
  • Outline my Europe trip. DONE. After getting some suggestions from friends and family, I figured out my plan. AND I bought my tickets!
  • Weekly blog post and twice weekly bike rides. Nope. *Shrug*
  • Not miss any assignments for my classes. I missed one, a couple were late… BUT I got things done.
  • Not rush my upcoming new side project. Done. Because I decided it wasn’t a project. It’s just a for-me fun thing. (Thank you Kate for reminding me that not all things need to be monetized!) — if you’re wondering what it was… I designed my own planner stickers, and bought a Silhouette cutting machine! I’ll post some pictures after I get a few printed and cut.


  • Low Spend/No Spend. Now that my Europe trip is booked, I need to make sure I am saving my money! Also, come May 3rd, my assistantship ends, which means I need another job. Complete prohibition of things typically does not work for me, so small things that I could use that are affordable (i.e. cheap), can be ok. But small things add up, too. Currently my facial, which was scheduled last month, and this month’s Stratejoy Circle are approved.

And basically, that’s my only goal.

After my Holiday Council Quarter 1 reflection call, I realized a lot of things I’ve had as “goals” were really more of tasks. Now, when it comes to these posts, there aren’t always big differences. But for looking at bigger things like HoCo? Yeah, I need to start sorting these out. Tasks just need to get done. Period. Goals? Those are the ones that I work towards, where I aim.

I have 5 weeks of school left, and then I’m done. All that’s left is my thesis. So all I really want for these 5 weeks is to not keep going feeling like a walking pile of death.

Sounds manageable, right?

What are your goals this month?

Ten of Swords: My new tattoo

I got my first tattoo when I was 20 years old. It was the summer I was living in Sandusky, Ohio — working at a major amusement park — and my roommate and I thought it would be a fun way to end our summer. It’s a Caribbean reef shark. Sharks had been my favorite animal since I was a kid, and I wanted one that was beautiful, powerful, yet wasn’t this misconstrued killing beast.

I got my second tattoo 5 years later. I was visiting home, and my mom and I decided at sort of the spur of the moment that we wanted tattoos. So my mom got her first, and I got my second: the hummingbird from my mom’s Gibson guitar.

Since then, I had been wanting another tattoo. I had plenty of ideas, but wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted. And for such an investment, I wanted to be sure.

Last month, I was.

“A whale’s mournful cry echoes across the star-speckled water,”

The Ten of Swords is a hard card, a painful one. It a card that represents great misfortune and sudden, overwhelming disaster. Betrayal. Loss. You might wonder why I would get such a dark, sorrowful image permanently etched on my body…

The Ten of Swords also represents the end of a cycle — “It is the lowest point before a new beginning.” Wisdom can be found through this pain, and mental clarity can be found. More-so, the reversed, which is the way I see my tattoo based on its position, reminds us that though we may have hit rock bottom, may have experienced terrible pain, healing can happen. The swords begin to fall away, slowly, as healing will be a long process. But mostly, the pain is going away, and there is only one way to go: up.

This card was one of the first cards that drew me to the Ostara Tarot deck. There was — is — something so beautiful about this image.

My artist, Samantha, did an amazing job interpreting the card’s artwork — done by Krista Gibbard.

The appointment only took maybe an hour. Like any tattoo, it hurt, but it really wasn’t as bad as I remembered. The next days were fine. However, after a few days, the scabby part of healing began.

If you’ve ever had a tattoo, you’ll remember this phase. It’s terrible. Your tattoo itches, and you cannot, under any circumstances scratch your tattoo. What saved the day? Hustle Butter. I bought a small packet from my artist, but ran out! Hustle Butter kept my tattoo perfectly moisturized without being greasy. Helped the scabs heal. After it was completely healed, I switched to Lubriderm daily tattoo care.

As each day passes, I love my tattoo more and more. I see it, and remember that I am so much stronger than I know. My plan is to get a complimentary tattoo on my right arm, a different card. I’m not sure which one at this point, but I do know I’d like Samantha to create it for me. Hopefully it will have as much significance as this once does.

Do you have any tattoos? Tell me about them!

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I’m an adult, but…

My 35th birthday is fast approaching. Which doesn’t bother me as much as just how quick this semester is going.

However, recently there have been a few things come up where I’ve just been left feeling like “nope, no idea what I’m doing.” It’s been A+ 10/10 adulting over here.

Makeup + Hair

My most recent “attempt”…

I was never a girlie-girl growing up — to my mom’s credit, dealing with two kids on her own, it was a struggle just to get my hair brushed some days. I tried experimenting with makeup in high school, but…

I’ve tried YouTube tutorials now. Most of them frustrate me because I don’t want 20 steps with 38 products to get a “natural” look. I realize there are simple ones out there, but I don’t know. YouTube isn’t really my thing. I’m a minimal person in the morning for my routine. Even today I realized I left the house without anything on my face, only having brushed my hair and pulled it back into a quick ponytail.

Mostly now I go to Ulta and hope to get one of the nice employees who will show me what to do. (And also that they’ll show me products I can afford!) I have no clue what colors to pick, and as much as I love some of the more bold looks on others, I find them very hard to pull off myself. And when I do try new colors… my coworkers are quick to point them out. Which, I don’t know. I guess it just feels weird to have it be something made a fuss over.

I’ve kept my hair short for so long because I really do not know what to do at all with my hair. I can straighten it. I can put it in a ponytail or pig tails. Beyond that? Nope. I bought a curling wand a couple weeks ago and have still yet to get my hair to actually curl using it.

How to properly defrost/heat my car

This one… It’s more of I know how, but never really remember right away, so I’m constantly fiddling with all the knobs for far longer than I’d like, and always wondering if I’m choosing the most efficient way to accomplish this.

The defrosting is one thing: my car actually tells me how to do this. It says which settings to use, and then I basically just have to wait for it to work. But… if I don’t use my vent, and am just recycling the air, my AC turns on even if I have it set to heat… but I can turn that off. But… I don’t know if I should? I just want a warm car in the morning. Just give me a simple button for that.

Soon it’ll be even worse when it’s not freezing out, but my car starts fogging up because of the temperature differences… and then I’ll have no idea what to do at all.

Do you have things you feel like, as an adult, you should know how to do by now but just… don’t?