Meet my planner! One month with the Ink & Volt planner, and my new infatuation with planner stickers

I’ve been a Pen + Paper planner person for a while. And as such, I’ve constantly been on a search for that one system that just works as close to perfectly for me as possible. (I feel like a lot of us are on this quest.) During Holiday Council, a friend from my 20SB blogging days, Nicole, recommended the Ink + Volt planner. After giving it a good look through their website, I decided to […] Read More

Shows I can’t stop watching

So as a grad student, you’d think I’d have zero free time to keep up with any shows. However, thanks to duel monitor setups, I’m able to have some shows on while I work. I know some people find this super distracting — but for me it’s a controlled distraction. I typically pick shows I’ve either seen before or are ones I’d be ok if I didn’t give it my full attention. But there are […] Read More

Treat Yo Self overload

As I’ve gotten older, the holidays have changed a bit. I was that kid who had the multipage list of all the things I wanted — various toys, whatever that latest “cool” thing was popular at the time, and of course my annual request for a puppy (that is, until I was 14 and we finally did get a dog). With divorce and whatnot, I had a lot of Christmases to go to, yet that […] Read More

2019: Let’s do this.

Oh hi, 2019, I didn’t see you there. I just finished my first day back at my graduate assistantship — and it hardly felt like I had left for three weeks at all. But in a good way. Yes, this morning was a little slow, going through the “how do I do this again?” feelings — but overall, being back on campus just feels natural. Hopefully as classes pick up, along with my thesis writing, […] Read More