these things should happen: 2012 edition

I’ve decided that all these things are things I’d like to accomplish at some point this year. These aren’t necessarily anything grand, or any sort of bucket list things… Just things I’d like to do.

All these things:

  • Attend a live taping of Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me…
  • Go horseback riding.
  • See the shark exhibit at the Shedd.
  • Get rid of 40% of my current/existing wardrobe (aka all that stuff I don’t wear but always hang on to for no rational reason).
  • Meet the Modify Watches team.
  • Replace my really awesome bike that got stolen before I ever saw it in person.
  • Ride in the Tour de Fat Chicago slow ride again.
  • Not to plan a birthday party this year, but to just hang out with my friends.
  • Spend more time with my niece.
  • Get into a snowball fight.
  • Spend more days off at the beach.
  • Visit Brookfield Zoo.
  • Go to a Sox game. (I’ll take Cubbies too, but I wanna do something new.)
  • Fly a kite.

anything in bold has been completed.