Erini CS
I’m a mid-thirties something Indiana-born Quaker, who made a home in Chicago then moved back to Indiana after about 8 years. I have two perpetually entertaining cats (Tuija & Kaija), who, if you’re following me on instagram, you can become very familiar with.

I have a bachelor’s degree in writing, communication, and religion from Goshen College. During that time I, briefly, lived and studied at Sichuan Normal University in Chengdu. I’m currently working on my Master’s degree in Cultural Anthropology, with a thesis focusing on transductive interpretation of context in museum settings.

I am mainly a writer and designer… Though I’ve also worked in radio, as a magazine editorial assistant, as a stage manager, in a saloon at a thrill park, in a biological imaging facility working with lasers and liquid nitrogen, and even as a toy store manager. At one point (2011-13) I was the director of a school specializing in web development and Adobe software training. During that time I was part of the team that won the 2012 Webby Award for Best School/University site. I’m also a Brand Ambassador for Nintendo. And was Mucca Pazza‘s merch manager.

Now, I spend most of my days on Twitch, working for StreamerSquare and hanging out with Team Catalyst.

twitter: @adorkaBLAH
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email: dork {at} adorkableme {dot} com
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A little about my name…
First off, it’s a Finnish name. And my ability to speak Finnish is pretty abismal. Not to mention, I’m from Indiana. So. Here’s how I generally say my name:
Erin-E  or Air-Ree-Nee
Or, you can just call me Rini if it’s simpler.

about Adorkable Me…

The site:
AdorkableMe.com is a self-hosted WordPress blog running on Type theme. I’m the sole designer of the site, and that includes the coding.

A bit of a disclaimer for any future or current employers can be found here.

On being a Brand Ambassador for Nintendo:
I am completely honored and freaking excited to be a Brand Ambassador for Nintendo, originally through Brand About Town now GolinHarris. Out of all of the gaming systems we’ve had growing up (perks of having an older brother), the Nintendo systems were always my favorite. As an Ambassador, Nintendo occasionally sends me things for free. I’m in no way obligated to write about it, but hi, I like this stuff so I’m probably going to. My opinions are completely my own.

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