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Apparently I’m addicted in the non-medical/harmful/literal sense to blogging and journaling.

Wait? Wench? What?  ….
At one point in my life I was a Beer Wench at a thrill park… it also makes for a damn good bowling name too.

Can we contact you?
Meh.  You can leave comments.  I like that.  But if you *must*… you can email at: wench [at] erinichristine [dot] com … but seriously, you can indeed leave comments.  I screen them all.  So if you don’t want it published, just say so.  If it has your personal contact info in it, I’ll probably remove it.  Unless I feel that you should be contacted by random strangers.

Why can’t I see my comment?!
I moderate all comments and I’ve got to approve them before publishing.  Generally, I’ll publish any real comment, even if it’s flame-y… well, maybe.  But this allows me to delete spam, pingbacks, and trackbacks… So if you don’t see your comment right away, don’t fret… more than likely it’ll be published soon.

Can we friend you on Facebook/myspace/friendster/twitter/et cetera?!?
Facebook no.  Not unless I actually have had some sort of contact with you.  Sorry, I’m not one of those “adds everybody” persons.  If you take some time to get to know me a little bit, maybe.   … I’ve got, or had at some point, friendster and linkin accounts, but don’t use them.  I do have a myspace, but I generally don’t care for it… yet I haven’t deleted my account… I’m giving it a second chance.  Feel free to add me there or follow me on twitter though.  I’m fine with that.

What dating site(s) are you on??!
At this point, none. … and in case you were wondering, nope — still single.
… technically I’m on two one. I really only use one. And it’s mainly to amuse myself during the boredom.  But seeing as you may have found this via that, then why not.  I’m on okcupid (also: okc).  Like I said, it’s mainly for entertainment.  (See: musings on my (internet) dating life.)  Okc isn’t necessarily a traditional dating site, and really a lot of people use it just to meet other people platonicly.  Others just take test, answer stupid (seriously) questions, and look at people’s pictures. (*ahem* me.)

Wait.  Where’s your badge?  Aren’t you on….
Well, if you’re asking that question, then you already know.  Currently I’m in a ning group called 20-something Bloggers.  I joined so I might meet other bloggers of my age group, and maybe find more in my area.  I’m always wanting to peruse the blagosphere, but haven’t really found more than a handful (at this point) that I’m going to continue reading… so I joined hoping to change that.  And well, it’s going amazing.  I love my blaggy friends and can’t wait to meet more of them!
I’m also a member of BlogHer(Which is a bit more obvious.) ..  And I’m attending the 2009 BlogHer LobbyCon this year.

Can I be on your blogroll? Why am I not there? WHY DO YOU HATE ME?
Typically I’ve preferred linking people I have some sort of connection with — online or off.  And currently I’m in the process of updating and editing my blogroll.  I’m not sure how I want to go about it, so it’s completely outdated at the moment.

If I like your blog, and read it a lot, then I’ll consider adding your link in some capacity.  Typically I like to read blogs for a bit before just linking them — unless I know (and like) the person..
So.  No.  I don’t hate you.  Probably.  I mean, some blogs out there are crap.  But that’s just my opinion.
Feel free to link me only if you want to do so.

Wait! Where’d your blogroll go?!?!!
It was getting long, so now it has it’s own page: the interwebs

Why don’t you use the actual names of some geographic locations, businesses/places, or people?
Just for a slight bit of amusement for myself.  Anonymity can be enjoyable.

…. But…. you state that you’re in Chicago… why are you still calling it the “Second City”???  Again, what’s up with the anonymity???
That’s what I started with, that’s what I’m sticking with.  And really, if you didn’t know that Chicago is the Second City, beyond the context of my blog… then.. well, yeah.  I’ve got no words for you.  Well, other than this:  Wikipedia.

What’s up with the velociraptors?
OMG VELOCIRAPTOR ATTACK! For more on that: see this post.

No seriously, what’s up with all the dinosaurs…
I’ve designed quite a number of header images for this blog, and the ones I tend to like the most have two common factors: pink and dinosaurs.  I might switch it up every now and then, but for right now, this is just how it’s going to be.  I’ve got the dinosaurs on my IM icon, on myspace, on my phone, and yes, it’s even on my flip mino.

I thought we were friends, why am I not mentioned in your entourage?
Easy.  The entourage is simply a list of people that I tend to blog about, or include in various posts, in a decent enough frequency that their names will probably end up in my cloud tag, if they aren’t there already.  These people aren’t necessarily more important, cooler, or more awesome than you… I just write about them more.  If you really want to be included there, then let’s have a nice little chat. I’ve removed this page.  I didn’t delete it, so it may come back.  But honesty it felt a little stupid to me.  If you’d like to know who someone is, generally I have them tagged, so just read other posts about them or you could simply ask.  I don’t bite.  Often.

So what do you use for your videos, I noticed it’s not high quality…
I do indeed own a camcorder… a small little canon that I got for completing high school way back in 2003.  That however, like many things, was stolen by my mother — she’s also stolen my electric bass (which I stole from my brother), and my electric guitar… However, seeing my mom rock out in her praise band has been worth it.  Anyway.  For the first videos posted here, I used a Canon SD450.  It was the “my colors” feature that sold me on canons.  Anyway.  Just after Christmas I treated myself to something a bit nicer, though not top of the line — but mind you, it does hold it’s own… I bought a flip mino.  Not HD.  For my purposes, HD isn’t necessary.  I did a lot of research and decided that for the purposes of the interblags, a mino would work fine.  And it has.  Plus, bonus — I got to add a pink dinosaur to the design of it.  What’s not to love about that?
Also.. you can find all of the videos in one convenient place: YouTube.

Why did you copyright protect your blog??
There are such lame people out there as blog scrapers.  They take other people’s work and post it.  There was a site that decided to take any and all of my posts with a particular tag… and I didn’t want to be associated with that blog due to their blogroll and the fact it was an entirely scrapped blog.  None of that was their own original work.  So I warned them about DMCA and we’ll see what happens.  But for now, my blog is copyright protected…. but I will say, not all of my pictures are mine nor did I get permission to use all of them… some of the general ones are just images I found on The Google.  If they want me to link their images to their site or give credit or something, they can just talk with me… A good number of original pieces are indeed linked to the artist or whatever.

Why the hell do you keep changing your URL?
Well, first I was hosted on … and then I wanted my very own site.  So I purchased, but well, I’ve never wanted Wench to live there long… and unfortunately, is taken… so now Wench will live on … Which if you’re wondering, is more because this blog is about this wench.

While we’re on the subject, who do you host with?
I’m hosting my sites on DreamHost.  A good friend, and brother of Mennogirl, Mennonot hosts a fair number of sites there and suggested it to me.  I like them.  Not only is it easy to get around, but they’re just good.  And yes, I’ve worked on sites on different hosts… My father’s site is on GoDaddy, and I dislike them.  At least their online ftp site management waste of space pages.  DreamHost is awesome.  One-click install for WordPress too.
If you’re interested in hosting with them, please for the love of all that is shiny click here and do so.  Yes, it gets me credits.  If you want some sort of deal, discount, or whatever… let me know and I’ll work something out and send a nice little promo code your way.
Oh, yeah… and there’s this too: Green Web Hosting! This site hosted by DreamHost.

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