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You know you want this awesome rockstar on your team. Because let’s face it, I rock.

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I’m always up for a new freelancing challenge, but also available for something more long term.

I’ve been called a Photoshop genius more than once, and have held the unofficial title of InDesign Guru at a past job.  I can design your newsletter, build your website, or format any type of file for print (true story).

I’ve had a multitude of experiences.  I’ve been the Associate Producer for an award winning documentary filmed in South Africa.  I was also on-air talent for 91.1 FM The Globe radio station (as well as their Production Director).  I’ve been the Editorial Assistant for a book publisher as well as for a magazine.   I have many years of experience in running and planning events.  I’ve even taught college students in China.  I’ve done a lot.

I love writing.  I love design.  I love the Internet and social media (any type of media really.)  Combining them is just fun.  I’m a natural connector, who can engage people online and off.

I’m exactly what you’re looking for.

-Erini CS

dork {at} adorkableme {dot} com