2010: Year of the Cupcake

Some people make New Years resolutions to get healthy and be fit and blah blah blah…  My 2010 resolution?  Eat more cupcakes.

You may have heard that I’m destined to become Chicago’s Cupcake Expert… and with that in mind, I decided I needed to branch out and explore all the sweet tasty goodness our city has to offer.

I’ll admit it, I have favorites already.  Which is why I created rules for this glorious year of cupcake consumption.  Each month, I must visit one new place that I haven’t been to yet.  I can go to more than one place per month, and I’m encouraging myself to do so, but it only counts once per month.  Cupcakes do not rollover.

I’ll be blogging about my cupcake adventure.  You can follow them here.  I’ll also be posting addition material over at Pink Dinosaurs. [link coming soon!]

This mission is going to send me all over the city, and I want to make sure I try all of the best out there.  So if you have suggestions on where to find some of Chicago’s best scrumptious cupcakes, please leave a comment below!

Here’s a list of places I’ve already been to/tried their cupcakes, and thus making them not eligible for the “new” status so it won’t count for the month.  However I do plan on visiting some of them again simply for the sake of blogging about them.
Phoebe’s Cupcakes, Molly’s, Sugar Bliss, Dinkel’s, Bennison’s, Sensational Bites.

Also, if you’re a bakery or cafe that sells cupcakes and you’d like to, um, donate to the cause… (free or discounted) Please get in touch! [dork{at}adorkableme{dot}com]  I’d also love to get some discounts/specials to pass along to my readers too!

2010: Year of the Cupcake
January – Vegan Mint Chocolate from Bleeding Heart Bakery
February – Tiramisu from Molly’s Cupcakes; No Buns About it from Meatloaf Bakery, Chocolate Chocolate mini from Bakin’ & Eggs
March – Bittersweet Chocolate from Swirl’s
April – Lemon & Strawberry from Alliance Bakery
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