Life Journal

There are a lot of planner and journals out there, however, none of them truly fit all of my needs. So what’s the best thing to do? Create your own system! Thus, the Life Journal project was born.

I designed the Life Journal to  be somewhat minimalist and allow for a lot of adaptation — because what if I want to do something different the next month, or I find something better that will work. So these spreads are designed to be a foundation, a frame, that I can build and flesh out with my journey and my life. I had a traditional bullet journal, and even a beautiful planner, but the big issue for me was the lack of flexibility. With the Life Journal, I only print the spreads I need, and because I’m using a mini-binder, I can arrange them in any order I want. If I decide to change it up, I have that freedom!

Let me give you a little introduction to this project and some of the spreads. As I mentioned, I intended this design to be somewhat on the minimalistic side. I want to give everyone the chance to add their own personal touch to it and make it feel like their Life Journal while giving them a solid foundation to build that upon.

One of the things you’ll notice on every page is a circle in the corner. There are so many possibilities for this circle. It could be the weather of the day, your mood, your weight check-ins, a grade on a project, a motivational word, stickers, drawings — the options are limitless and completely up to you!

Next, you’ll see this project just isn’t about planning and organization. It’s about wellness, it’s about memories, it’s about goals. With the Life Journal, it’s all about your life, your journey. As someone with a chronic illness, I wanted something that could help me track how I’m doing and feeling, but also just let me do other things like see what tasks I have and events that are coming up, all while also focusing on my long term and short term goals. It seems like a tall order for notebook, but I feel like I’ve done a pretty good job of this.

Outside of the title page, and a blank spread (with it’s circle and header space!), there are currently 29 spreads in this project. Some are 2-pages, most are single pages. And I am completely committed to continue growing this project. So if you have spreads you’d like to see, let me know! (I’m also willing to make various tweaks and customizations on existing spreads depending on time and on a case-by-case basis.)

The Spreads
1-page: $2; 2-page: $2.50-3; bundles of 3-11 pages: $4-8
Full Package of 29 spreads covering 35 pages (a $40 value): $22

Free spreads:
Planner Basic Bundle
Bucket List
Table of Contents

Planner spreads:
Planner Full Bundle – 5 spreads! 11 pages! – $8.00
Weekly Goals Spread – $3
Daily 2-Page Spread (includes Food Log) – $3
Important Dates/Birthday Spread – $2.50

Wellness spreads:
Meals/Food Spread Bundle – $4
Workout Log – $2
Medical Spreads Bundle – $5.50
Cycle Tracker – $2
Mood Tracker – $2

Life Spreads:
Academic Spreads Bundle – $5.50
Financial Spreads Bundle – $3
Travel Spreads Bundle – $3
Rating Spreads Bundle – $3
Blank Tracker – $2

I’d love to hear your feedback on how you’re using the Life Journal and making it your own!

If there are any problems whatsoever with your download, please contact me ASAP! or @myadorkablelife