Life List

life list

I’ve tried life lists before, and they just sat there getting stagnate. But, I want to try again… Not just throwing it out to the universe this time, but actually work on making things happen now.

» publish a novel or novella
» make a quilt

» hare tattoo for grandpa
» half sleeve tattoo
» run a 5K race
» have a vegetable garden – small garden 2015
» memberships to: Shedd, Field Museum
» adopt a puppy

» begin Museum Studies degree – Started Anthropology/Archaeology BA at BSU Spring 2015

Adventures & Travel
» subsistence camping trip
» take my nieces and/or my sisters to Disney
» move to the mountains
» hike a mountain
» visit major national parks (all the ones grandpa visited)
» visit Bartram’s Gardens, hike Bartram’s trail
» Alaskan cruise
» do a barrel roll in a pup plane
» shark dive
» visit Africa again
» return to China
» visit Finland
» learn to ride a dirt bike/atv
» learn to properly shoot and handle a gun
» rent a houseboat