my kittens have a serious case of the noms.

Tuija & Kaija
Tuija & Kaija

So a month ago I added two little terrified bundles of fuzzy adorableness to my life in the form of 12-13 week old rescued kittens, sisters.  (Originally to be named Åsa and Lempi — but now are Tuija and Kaija.)

When I received the kittens, Kaija (my white & black kitten) had just gotten over having tape worm… and both of them had really mild cases of ringworm.  Because ringworm can be contagious and can even spread from animal to human, the kittens were put in quarantine in my room.  I was told this would last 15 days.

They received their medication and the ringworm (which you can sort of see the small patches on their noses) went away pretty quickly.  However, the kittens have yet to go back to the vet to get their check up so I can release them from my room.  My neighbor, who arranged for me to take the kittens, hasn’t yet followed through with arranging their next vet trip (she said she would find someone who would give me a break on the cost since they were rescued).  So, the kittens have been confined to my bedroom for a month.  I’ve been sleeping in the living room on a small studio sofa — rather than my nice full sized bed with tempur-pedic memory foam topper.

At first the kittens were really shy and timid.  Not the case any more.  Well, okay, so they’re still a bit shy around new people.  Tuija will warm up quicker to new people, mainly because she is a love-whore and if someone’s willing to show her some affection or play with her, she approves.  On the average day, though, it’s just me and the kits.  This generally consists of Tuis being extremely vocal about everything, and both of them running around my room (which is increasingly seeming smaller and smaller) terrorizing everything in their paths.

A couple weeks ago, Kai started biting.  Mostly my toes and fingers.  Now, both kittens have taken to chewing on things.  Mostly papers.  Receipts, notes, the calendar hanging on the wall, my old lease, and recently as mentioned previously, my book arts supplies.  Tuis has also decided that she likes playing with some of my clothing, even if I’m wearing it.

It’s been an adventure this past month.  One friend suggested stapling the kittens as a solution to their bedroom terrorism.  Probably not necessary.  They’re terribly cute and fluffy, so it’s hard to stay mad at them.  However, I feel that the kittens will need to get their official approval to have free range over the apartment (probably start harassing our other cat, Lucyfur) and so I can get my bedroom back.  Nothing like an overly friendly kitten when you’re trying to entertain a guest.