kitten liberation 2008


Last Friday it was decided that I should release my kittens from their confines and let them run loose through the apartment.

It hasn’t been bad.
Lucyfur is still getting used to them, but well, as long as they give each other space things seem to be going all right.  Tuija and Kaija are enjoying the larger territory.  Also, they’re enjoying their other toys I had purchased for them, but didn’t want to keep in my room.

Their food bowls (which we’re trying to keep Lucy out of) and litterbox have been moved out of my bedroom, and I’ve begun sleeping in my own bed again.

Sadly, but not related to the kittens new freedom, I’ve acquired more scratch marks.  I’ve got five scratches on my thigh, a perfect paw mark, from a blocked jump by Tuija… and a couple from last night when she decided to use my shin as a spring board…

Generally Amusing Kitteny Things:

  • They’re getting better at this whole “cuddling” thing, and are learning to sit still… for a bit
  • They are so easily distracted.
  • The “I just woke up please love me” look
  • When they discover they have a tail — seriously, watching a kitten spin around until they’re too dizzy, only to have them spin again in the opposite direction… minutes of entertainment.
  • Their general chattiness.  Sometimes I think Tuis just likes the sound of her own voice.
  • They’re just so cute!  seriously.
  • This morning, when Tuija burrowed through some blankets and pillows on my chair…
  • Kaija really likes to burrow under blankets with me…

Less than Amusing Kitteny Things:

  • Kaija is generally burrowing to attack me.
  • Their strange obsession with chewing on my toes.
  • Their strange obsession with chewing on my papers.
  • They will occasionally hide one of my shoes under my dresser… where they’ve been chewing on it.
  • Attempting to eat my food off my plate as I’m holding it.
  • Amazingly sharp claws (which I should trim.. soon)

Overall though, I think the cute and fluffy factor wins out.