this email wins.

So… I’m on this other website… and generally I get typical messages… which, don’t get me wrong, I appreciate.
It’s always fun to get emails from random males telling you that you: seem cool, are awesome, are beautiful, are sexy, look like Tina Fey (dark hair, dark eyes, and glasses, that’s all it takes)…

But this message that I got today wins.

“ello ello,

well, i was jogging on the internet one day, today as a matter of fact, and stumbled upon your profile, and proceeded to fall down quite a steep hill…so that sucked. But in anycase, after cleaning myself off and apologizing to the geese that i knocked into, i thought i’d say hi, so…*ahem* hello, *waves*

soo ya, not sure what else to write here besides that you seem like you do the ass kicking pretty well and are hip and with it, as the kids say these days… and ummm ya…i think this is where the creepers and potential stalkers say more detailed things about one particular picture or fact…butttt i got nottin…sorry

sooo if your bored or would like to chit and chat, feel free to give me a massage or someptin….okie dokie”

Okay.  Minus the spelling and gramatical things… this email still wins.