I’m damn cute.

some days.. you just know you look good.

I change styles a lot, or at least, I dabble.

According to a fashion horoscope, I keep up with fashion and switch between looks.  The latter at least holds true.
“Keeping up” with fashion for me is merely noticing what people are wearing, and noticing what’s in the stores now.
I don’t have any magazine subscriptions at all right now.  (I am tempted by Paste though, seeing as Mennogirl moved out taking her subscription with her.)

Probably since high school, I’ve been told that my style was unique.  Well, back then I was either wearing bright orange pants with bright green and blue shirts, or pin stripped/plaid bondage pants with suspenders and tight tshirts with various phrases or cartoons images.  One person stated that regardless, I always looked comfortable.  Which was pretty true.  … still pretty true today.

I’m not necessarily talking comfort in the means of actual this feels good physically when I wear it.  More of, I feel good when I’m wearing it.
Some days, I like to dress up a bit… look a bit more feminine… jeans and tshirts are still pretty key though.  I tend to be less fond of cookie-cutter looks or limiting my wardrobe to just one style.  I wear what looks good, and what I enjoy wearing.

I think the other point regarding me and clothing is my shopping habits.  My roommates have been impressed that I will buy clothes without trying them on.  This has been a habit since my childhood.  Since I also don’t have a really good habit of returning clothing, I’ll actually try a few things on every now and then.   I generally know what cuts look good on me, so just holding something up in front of a mirror is enough to convince me a lot of times.  I also buy things online, which has been mostly successful.

One good thing about not trying on every item of clothing that I’m somewhat interested in — it makes shopping less painful.  For me and whomever I’m with.

Regardless though… I’m damn cute.