we're going to need a bigger boat…

I’m spending my morning watching people get attacked by sharks.


I’m watching disc one of Discovery’s Shark Week 20th anniversary dvd set. It’s one of my new additions to my movie library (which is pretty small). It joins my new Firefly dvds for wins, which I own now thank to my mom.

For someone who lives pretty far inland, it’s interesting how strong my fascination with sharks is. Outside of a zoo and an aquarium, I’ve never encountered a shark — yet. One of my life goals is to go on a shark dive, with or without a cage. This isn’t some thrill thing. I’m not out for some adrenaline adventure.

I’ve liked sharks since I was a small child. Something has always drawn me to them. I even had dreams about sharks — dreams, not nightmares. Occasionally, in my dreams, I would be attacked by a shark, but there was always this one, rather large shark who would come and save my life. There may be some deeper meaning to those dreams, but I’m not really concerned with them. But those dreams did spark a fascination which is still pretty strong today.

I’ve seen these shows before, these attacks before. I might be desensitized a bit to some of the wounds, to the blood — but I definitely still have respect for this animal. It concerns me that we might lose this key element to our world. I’ll save you my little activist speech.

Right now, the next show is starting, and it comes with a parental warning….

Carcharhinus perezii, or Caribbean reef shark -- also the subject of my tattoo
C. perezii, or Caribbean reef shark -- also the subject of my tattoo