VOTE. (seriously, or a velociraptor will hunt you down.)

I voted today.  But you should already know that.

rock its face off.
rock its face off.

This isn’t the first time I’ve voted… I voted in the Crossroads a few years ago, just something local.  If you can do the math, you’ll see that I’m old enough that this is actually the second presidential election I could have voted… But this is the first time I’ve done that.

What was I doing in 2004?
Well… honestly, I had a choice.  Drive two and a half hours down to my hometown and vote… (I’m not one for absentee… not because I don’t trust it, I just don’t trust my own motivation.)  .. or I could drive (aka ride in a car) two and a half hours (or so) to the Second City and be in the audience of Jerry Springer.

Yep.  That was my choice.  … and well, yeah… You can see me on tv a few times… I’m way up in the corner thinking “man, I could easily see a good portion of my high school class fitting in here….”  It was an interesting time, and well, my friend Dbo actually had some air time… (they chanted “Democrat” and “Go to Oprah” to at him… Jerry just said “my kind of guy”…)  Anyway… in 2004 I was living in a clearly and historically red state.  One that I just recently transfered my registration from, even though it’s now a gray state and I’m in a blue state.  (hooray for colors, right?)

So there you have it.  The lame reason why I didn’t vote last time.