So… as I just mentioned (see: post-thanks) I’m selling my iPod to my sister for Christmas.

Basically, the thought behind this is:  I’d spend about $25-30 on my sister for her gift.  I thought about getting her an iPod or other mp3 player for a while. I want a pink iPod (I have blue).  I can offer my sister my blue iPod minus what I’d spend on her for Christmas, rather than giving her a gift card and letting her pick one out herself.  I offer my sister my iPod for $20.

That was it.  I mean, mine works fine and I’ve got the box and everything… as long as she likes blue why not go for it?  So, she took me up on it.  I mean, our 7 year old sister already has one (in green).  She won it at church.  So of course the 13 year old will want one.

Now here’s the big debate for me… which iPod do I buy?
Just replace mine like I originally planned: 1GB pink shuffle. ($50)
Or do I upgrade? 2GB pink shuffle… 8GB pink nano… or 16GB pink nano… ($70, $150, and $200 respectively)
…. I actually really liked the 3rd gen nanos… but those lasted about a year…. you can find them for $100 now though…


I can clip it

holds the amount of songs I need

cheap (if it gets stolen, I’m not as upset)

no screen
nano 4


I can see what is playing

genius feature

it’s newer, so I kinda want it based on that

no clip

more expensive

fewer accessories right now

not sure if it will fit in my radio/charger

not sure if I like the shake to shuffle feature

nano 3


it’s small

I like this design

price has gone down

decent accessories (aka clips)

no clip

can’t get the pink one through apple (no guarantee on condition)

Then, after all of that… how many gigs do I get?
It seems the only thing I know is that I want a pink one.

Your thoughts and opinions are greatly appreciated here.