an open letter to the male species:

I’d like to say that I’ve enjoyed our interactions in the past.  You’ve served as close friends, brothers (biological and otherwise), mentors, boyfriends, lovers and just general eye-candy.  I’ve appreciated that.  But can I just say, some of you are just damn frustratingly attractive.

It’s quite distracting.  My mind goes to goo, any connection I had from my brain to my mouth is practically destroyed, and I turn into an embarrassingly giggly mess.  If it seems like I’m not paying attention to you, it’s probably true.  I’m probably thinking about how much I’d rather just be making out with you — or sometimes more.  Even if it does seem like you have my full attention, there’s a good chance my mind is elsewhere.

Somewhere in history the idea that empowering women meant letting them make the moves and all that, so as not to force your masculinity on us and to show us that you think we’re equals… However, you send mixed signals when you run away with your tail between your legs after a girl shows interest.  I’m still not afraid to give out my number to someone I find attractive, but I wouldn’t mind having a guy take initiative and ask me to hang out or get drinks or whatever.  I’ve given you the means to contact me, so do it.  It’d be nice to be pursued every now and again.

To you attractive males, I shake my fist at your hotness.  You’ve tempted me with your attractive personalities and bodies to match.  I’m not necessarily looking for anything specific or grand or anything, but let’s just cut to the chase and have some fun and see where it goes.

Frustratingly yours,

PS- making out is fun, there should be more of that…  just a thought.