smote. in the face.

well damnit.  I’m smitten.  Again.

I think I must have just hit that phase of life where my just surrounded by enjoyable, awesome, and attractive males.  It’s like a plague.  Granted, with all this eye-candy, I’m not complaining.  Also, these are enjoyable people, so beyond just getting to look at them, I’m having fun spending time with them as well.
So far it’s just been in the win-win situations… I’m more looking forward to the win-win-win situation.  They’re hot, fun to hang out with, AND you get to make out with them; if it’s on a semi-regular basis then that’s just win.

But as has been noted, my dating life has sort of been on fail mode for a bit.  Not that it’s a big deal or that I’m all concerned about it.  I’m enjoying myself as it is.  But a little bit of win would be nice.