gimp diaries: day II

The pain seems to be about the same.  Or at least, it’s not getting better.

Sleeping wasn’t all that fun as I had no idea what to do with my casty-wrist.  Eventually I figured out that I could use my contoured pillow for cushioning and support and just place my wrist in the curve.  Old habits from sleeping alone still happen, and some minor awkward flailing happened — each time waking me up in pain.

Showering was a new challenge.  My half-cast can’t get wet, so I zip-locked my arm in a large baggie.  It still wasn’t completely leak proof, so I ended up having to hold my arm up for pretty much the entire shower.  Shampoo and conditioner were applied directly to my head then worked through…. Shaving, and also applying deodorant were equally challenging.  Imaging doing a one-armed chicken dance, only instead of just flapping you’re attempting to carefully use a 4-blade razor or a stick of deodorant which claims to go on clear…  Sadly, with my previous temporary paralysis in high school, I do have some experience with this — though that gimpy hand could get wet.

It’s only been one day, but I’m already starting to think that some sort of house elf, man-slave, or droid would be nice.  I’m trying to simplify my wardrobe to easy-on easy-off clothes (and shoes, with the exception of the snow boots).  However, even just last night I was almost bested by a can of spaghetti-o’s (with meatballs).  My roommate had to open the can and then put it in a bowl for me.  I can still feed myself thankfully.  I don’t know if I trust my friends to feed me.

Anyway. Day II and I’m rocking a sling.  It’s mostly to keep me from smashing my wrist into things and serves as a great reminder to not use that hand.  It’s disco silver and adorned with my Mucca Pazza button (which is bright pink).

did I also mention I'm trying maxium strength pain killers?
did I also mention I'm trying maxium strength pain killers?