a little bit of nerdy joy

So I’ve been building my new site (erinichristine.com)… doing everything from creating that site (almost from scratch — I had previously completed the general design a while ago) and then also installing wordpress as to locate this blog there…

It’s been pretty easy for the most part.  I’ve been reading HTML code since 7th grade (so if you can do the math that’s around or over 10 years now).  In college I took a “creating for the web” course, in which I was also the tutor for my classmates.  There I learned a bit more about CSS and a few tricks to make things simpler.  And now, with the installation of this blog, I’ve just begun getting into PHP and I’m actually kind of excited to see where this might lead.  Right now I can see how the pieces work, but I’d like to know more about putting it together as a whole.   Eventually.

One of the fun “woot!” moments of win was actually getting my favicon to work on erinichristine.com.  Doing so here was easy: insert code, upload graphic and bam.  Doing for my site, also pretty easy: insert code, upload graphic and bam.  It indeed makes me very happy to see my little pink dinosaur here on wench, and equally happy to see my little pink star on ec.com.

Designing and building websites is fun.  I should do this more often.