notso gimpy

I’m adjusting to the notso gimpy life pretty well.  It’s finding that balance between reaclimating your body back into its work, and trying not to overwork it and strain it further.  So it’s basically been typing some, take a break, type some more, break… and soforth all day.

I will say, I am slightly sad that I won’t be getting a shiny new cyborg super arm… or that I really don’t need helper droid or man-slave anymore.  I can indeed dress and shower on my own without the one-armed awkwardness of a casty-wrist that’s not supposed to get wet.  It’s still painful, but it’s at least not as awkward.

One thing is nice though, nature’s decided to put down a layer of padding for my next fall (I’m still predicting one more fall this season).  Something about the large snowflakes coming down yesterday just sort of warmed me up inside and brought in the joy… Now I’m not some holiday fanatic or anything, but winter is indeed very pretty (before all the dirty slush from the streets get everywhere).  And eventually I will give in and celebrate the snow… making snow angels…. igloos/forts… and wars.   This winter will not be complete without some sort of snow war — and I’m suggesting the parks by the lake for our battlegrounds.  Also, that we wait until January… when I’ll have my ski suit up here.