but it looks so pretty out…

… yeah no. Nature is just toying with us. Making us think that today’s a nice winter day… when later tonight we’re going to be attacked by freezing rains and somewhere between 5-12 inches of more snow.

So, how do I plan on biting my thumb at nature tonight?
Well, first… Dani and I are going to peruse some stores after work.  We have our department holiday party, and well, there’s a push for wearing skirts/dresses (unlike Goshen, this push is just for some females).  However, the green plaid skirt from H&M I had planned on wearing is a bit too short for work functions and will be saved for another occasion.  (I tried finding a picture of it, and this is sadly the best I can do.)  So Dani and I will frolic around attempting to find some appropriate, yet hot, outfits for the party tomorrow….
All of this we should be able to accomplish before the storm hits.

It’s after this that I will not allow nature or this storm to get the best of me.
The Virginian and I are planning to attempt to meet up tonight — since it didn’t happen last night. (Read: the tale of the 4-hour hair cut)  The current plan is for me to head south, just when the winter storm warning goes into effect, and we’ll meet up at a coffee place in his neighborhood.  And that’s as far as the plan goes.  I’m going to attempt to keep some cash on me so if I need to take a taxi home rather than trying public transit — it offers the delivery of me to my doorstep, which is a huge advantage and plus over walking a few blocks from the train station.

I would demain nature to bring it, but well, it probably will… so no needs for threats or encouragement or anything like that.