when it snows it…

Well, nature definitely brought it.
I have no idea how much snow we got, but it’s enough to make walking a good workout.  It also makes me love my boots so much more and the fact that I got nearly-knee-high so the snow drifts are no issue for me.  Well, minus the awkward attempt to stumbling through said drifts.

Anyway.  Shopping with Dani was indeed successful.  OK, well, I got a new dress which I’m wearing today.  Finding a dress for Dani was a bit more challenging.  So in the end she gave up on dresses and got a nice sweater.  I got the dress I’m wearing, two pairs of shoes, two pairs of underwear, and a pocket/compact mirror.
We’ll be all prettied up with Tasneem for the department party this evening.  And I am definitely happy to be helping with the setup since Tasneem will be driving us over there.  We’ll make the place look great and festive, and try not to cause too big of a giggling ruckus while doing so.

Returning to last night… Nature was kind enough to not bring the sucky weather until I was already in Lakeview, where I finally met up with the Virginian.  We had a good chat at the coffee place, and he was definitely jealous of my nintendo systems.  Since the place was starting to close up, we headed back to his apartment and watched some Lewis Black.  It was then that the storm hit and it was sort of decided that I wouldn’t be going home that night.  Despite the storm, all-in-all it was a very good night.

I got up this morning, made it to the 77 bus right when I got to the corner.  Took that to the Belmont station, just in time for the first Purple Line express of the morning.  Ended up at home by 7a, and at work by… 8:40a… What? I had to shower and make myself look pretty (okay, prettier).

I’m not sure what’s up for me after the department party this evening.  The Virginian is throwing something tonight, so that’s one option.  But I also have my own party to help prepare for with the roommates for tomorrow, and then Zach & Morgan will be having their party Sunday evening.  So there’s bries to bake and wines to buy… and seriously, there’s got to be some sleep to be had.