of shenanigans, cookies, martians and rocking out…

So, I had a decently packed weekend.  I wasn’t booked solid, but it was indeed busy.  — so prepare yourself for a bit of a post…

Friday after work, as was mentioned, was the department party.
It’s always great to see drunk coworkers running amok through a mansion.  Or hyped up, sugar-crazy kids running through a mansion.  However, Tasneem did an amazing job getting this organized, and then getting Dani and I organized to help set up.  The food was great — the catering staff was awesome and entertaining… and well, free booze!
I ended up making friends with a 2 year old chinese girl.  She thought I was just entertaining — I mean, here’s an adult who talks at a lower level than she does!  (I’ve seriously forgotten a lot of my conversational Chinese… )
It was indeed a good time, and well, I also got 3 bottles of wine out of this!

After the department party, Dani and I met up with Angel for what we were hoping would be a night of dancing and booty shaking and general ridiculousness.  However, after first soaking my feet in about 6 inches of slush, walking painfully in the cold, a few cabs, we made it to the bar where their friends were… We were the youngest ones there.  It’s a 70’s & 80’s flashback bar, which would normally be entertain as hell… if we weren’t tired, wet, cold, and wanting to dance.  However, people were dancing at this bar… all the drunk 40-somethings remembering their 20s and trying to relive them… dancing, singing loudly, awkward sexual poses for pictures, making out in public… yep.  These are the city’s business class.  We then switched that bar for another… which was sort of like a basement frat party… beer pong and everything.  I actually didn’t mind it too much, but it really wasn’t the right scene for the night.  So we bounce early.

Dani and Angel. ... ready to call it a night.
Dani and Angel. ... ready to call it a night.

I spent a good part of Saturday sleeping.  I think.  I know I bought and baked more brie.  Also when I first woke up, all cranky, I sent out a not-so-pleasant email to my roommates…  And that The Virginian came over early for our 2nd Annual Cookie Party the roommates and I were hosting.  We did a little wii with Zach before the party started, and then headed up to Libby & jrosei’s for cookies, brie, cider, and games.
We played the name game — which can be explained later.  It was a good laugh, and as it should be, My Team beat Not My Team.  (which does indeed mean that my team won.)  From there we moved to Apples-to-Apples… where I was humored by Johnmark… and I did indeed help him get a win… but it was probably the best ever.  Johnmark had “Vampires” in his hand, and so I told him, regardless when it’s Libby’s turn to judge, throw that down.  And before the card was turned over, JM threw down… and then Libby revealed “Handsome”.  Cash money.  There was nothing else Libby could have picked.
After that, some people left, and the group was getting ready to play Mafia… the Virginian and I ducked out and called it a night.

I definitely know I spent a good part of Sunday sleeping.  I was pretty much curled up on the couch until 3:30p.  I hung out with jrosei & her sisters for a bit, then headed off for some last minute Christmas shopping.  I think I might actually have all that I need for the 17-18 people I’m giving gifts too.  I’m sort of losing count.
Anyway.  After a little confusion and delay we headed out to Zach & Morgan’s for their Christmas party versus the Martians.  It was a grand time of food, conversation, MST3K, general awesomeness, and Guitar Hero.  I brought over World Tour and my guitar — we were able to play in band mode and do some battles.  It was awesome.  My one regret is not filming anything.  (I am indeed going to be poking Morgan & Zach for photos — so stay tuned for a part II photo post)… Good times, good people, great night.  (I did meet some really awesome people who I hope to hang out with again.)

Tonight there will be more.  The girls and I are having our roommates’ Christmas dinner… which, there was confusion about previously, but hopefully we’ve cleared things up.
It’s only a day or so before I’m back in the heartland with my momma.