and then we wait.

Well, I’ve talked about it for a long time…. and it’s finally approaching.
My grad school application is due on Monday.
…. unfortunately I can’t log in to their site and finish it.  All I need to do is copy and paste my essay then submit.  I’m going to call this afternoon to see why it isn’t working.

There’s also another issue.  I haven’t heard from one of my professors yet, who was supposed to be a reference for me.  So now I’m hoping my old radio boss, Jason, will be able to pull out a massive favor for me and send one in tomorrow.  I won’t be able to cover postage for him, but if he can do this for me, I’ll seriously take him out on the town here.  Dinner, a concert of a hockey game or something, and drink… whatever.  I’ll definitely owe him big for this.  Heck, I’ll come in for a few weekends and do miscellaneous work around the Globe for him if he wants.  I just need that reference.  Hopefully I don’t have to worry about my boss getting my other letter in on time.

I feel that I should still come up with a backup plan if I don’t get in to my first pick.  I know there are other film schools around, but I don’t want to leave this area and there really isn’t another program that suites me like this one does.  I don’t really know what my other options are if I don’t get in.  I’ll want to switch jobs, I know that much.  But really, I want to get back into film and this is the best means of doing so.

Tomorrow I’m going to mail out my supplemental material… and then we sit and wait for 4-to-6 weeks.  I feel confident that if I get an interview, they’ll be able to see why I’m a good fit for their program.

So, here’s to it.  I’m wishing myself the best of luck.