tale of the bloody toes…

I am gimptastically talented.

Yesterday, I woke up and well, my toes felt odd.
It being dark, I just reach down there and see what’s going on.  For one, it’s painful, and two they’re sort of stuck together.  I knew the feeling right away… dried blood.  And well, being really confused to why I’d have dried blood on my toes I turned on the light… and sure enough, I had dried blood all over a couple toes… primarily in the toenails.

So yes.  I am that talented that I managed to tear up my own toes with my own toenails… and not wake up or notice immediately.

Yesterday I rested and cleaned them up… it sort of looked like the cats got to them, but well, they’re not allowed where I sleep anyway… After bandaging them, I took care of my nails too.  They really weren’t that long, though well, I’d been meaning to get a pedicure with Dani for a bit and that just fell through.
Now they’re fine… still tender, but I can at least get a shoe on and walk around.

Let this be a gross lesson: always take care of your nails…