Buy U a Drank, aka Chrizzle's visiting!

so today’s the day I’ve been waiting for…  months, waiting for months… or at least a hell of a long time.

My rockstar, Chrissy, is coming to town!

She left the city a while ago… way back in 2007… and went off to pursue her MSW… which should hopefully be complete this year.  And now, it’s my task to convience her to move back to the city, and more importantly, to move in with me!
While some people don’t recommend close friends living together, Chrissy and I have discussed this and think we’ll work things out pretty well.  If she doesn’t decide to come back, then well, I’ll be mighty lonely and out a roommate.

But forgetting all of that for a moment!  She’s arriving tonight! And of course I’m freaking excited about this.

Not sure what’s planned for tonight… but Andy T, a friend from Reading Band, is having a show tonight… so that’s an option… Tomorrow we’re going to go see her friends in Bottle of Justus play at the House of Blues… and then sadly, Chrissy’s leaving me on Saturday…  (Sunday, Dani and I are going to meet up with a friend or two of hers and hit the Green Mill for a poetry slam.)

Anyway.  work work work.  Hopefully I can get Chrissy to come in tomorrow for a bit so she can meet the girls (Dani, mjjb, and Neemer)… and maybe distract me from my tasks for a bit…