wardrobe malcontent

In a few hours my lovely Chrissy and I will be making our way into the city for a night of giggling, drinking, and flirting (though not with each other on that last one)… I’m not the only one with friends in a band who’s got a concert tonight (Mucca Pazza is playing the Empty Bottle tonight), she’s become acquainted with members of Bottle of Justus and so we’re going to see them at the House of Blues.

Originally I thought I’d wear my white dress shirt with my suit vest (as seen here: this wench…), but well, now I’m not sure.  Chrissy’s got a hot top she’ll be wearing — sophisticated, yet flirty and sexy… it’s going to be awesome… But I’m not so sold on my vest.

I’ve looked through the various photos I have of me, mostly from my vanity album on facebook (which is mostly the same pose with different outfits)… and well, I still can’t settle on an outfit.  Just a top to wear with jeans.  That’s all I need.  And I’m half tempted just to throw on a fitted tshirt (something like my hurly, DC, volcom or other brand/style of that nature) and wear my pink and black checked faux fur-lined hoodie.  I love wearing clothes like that, and I do look hot in them, but well… maybe I’m looking for more than just damn cute tonight.

When it comes to my wardrobe, I’ve got my various tees, loungewear, dresses, hoodies, basics/casual, and work wear.  I’m definitely missing the whole “party/bar/club” aspect to it.  If I had truly noticed this before, I might have attempted shopping before tonight.. but well.. honestly, though I know I can pull of the whole club look, it’s not really me.  Granted, as Dani would point out, I’m a gemini and therefore crazy with multiple personalities/sides and maybe the club scene could be me… meh.  Who knows.

Basically, I need to scour my closet (and floor) for some sort of top I can be satisfied with tonight.  With any luck, Chrissy will be home when I get there and can assist in my mission.

Pictures by Monday with what I finally decide to wear.