Sunday night I went out with Dani and Geordan to the Green Mill for the Poetry Slam.

This was my first poerty slam, and well, I hadn’t known much of what to expect.  Anything I’ve heard about poetry slams has probably come from Adam, a person who’s attended his fair share of them.  I’ve heard stories about the typical angry feminist poets or the over analytical “deep” ones… but I think mostly, my preconceptions were about female poets.  I’ve got this idea that there’s a lot of charged up pissy women who either talk about their bodies, moan about being objectified and the victim, or are just wanting to bitch about everything.  Now, I understand, this is probably only a very small handful of female poets out there… but they’re the ones that get stuck in my mind.

Personally, I’d love to be able to write intelligent, emotional, provokative, personal poetry… something I’d be okay reading outloud at something like a slam or having others read on their own schedule.  But I tend to make a joke out of it…  While I think anyone can be capable of writing poetry, I don’t necessarily consider myself capable of writing good poetry.. or satifactionary poetry… Not to a standard I’d be okay with.

I do love writing, and would love to get paid for it — not for some major plans of massive profit, but merely to support myself and be able to buy some fun toys now and then (like a scooter.  or a new macbook pro.) … I’m not to a level of blogging like dooce… nor do I have the time or motivation to write anything for any kind of publication.  I know I can make time, but well, with things how they are I do need to make sure my financial situation is pretty secure.

I admire those who take the time to work on their craft, profitable or not.