bffs for life.

First, yes, I understand what “bff” means, and yes, I mean forever for life.  That, and I find it humorous when tweens and teens say such things.  I think I’ve actually heard/read “BFFs Forever!” … yeah.  We’ve got some winners out there in the up-and-coming generations…

Anyway.  I do want to talk about one of my BFFs.
Personally, I think the idea of having just one best friend for your entire life, well, very challenging and I’m not actually opposed to having more than one “best” friends.  However, I will say, that in the past couple years, a wonderful person has come into my life and frankly I love her.

We’ve definitely got our differences, but I like to think we balance each other pretty well.  And even though we don’t see each other regularly, due to geographical distance, and because of all the psychoticness happening in each of our lives we haven’t been able to keep in touch much… but really, I know regardless of that if I need her, she’s there… and the same goes for her, I’ll be there for her through anything.  And I have been there through many things… and well, she knows practically all the drama I’ve been through and the good times too.

She’s an amazing woman who I not-so-secretly wish would move back to the city purely for my own selfish reason.  She’s a lot stronger than she knows and most of the guys she’s been with haven’t deserved her…

This is what best friends are for… someone you can count on, share every intimate detail of your life with, and just enjoy the simple things with.  (Honestly, that’s what an ideal partner/spouse should be too.. ‘cept you can make out with them without all the awkwardness.)  As I continually grow older, furthering my decline into adulthood (ok, it’s not that bad), I’ve come to realize how much I value this relationship.  That as other friends move away and slowly fade out of my life, that I’ve still got this person — this awesome person who can still be a part of my life even if she lives hours away.

I’ve always had a pretty large social group.  I was part of a 22-person dinner reservation for my senior prom… And in college I continued having vast and varied friends… It’s something I enjoy.  But it’s been great having this one person with me a long the way.  I mean, who else would listen to me ramble on for an hour or more about some new crush I have on a guy I don’t even know the name of…

So… to this… I decided a little musical tribute would be nice… and well, I figured out of anyone she’d get, understand, and find the same amusement in this song as I do.

Hello Saferide - My Best Friend

Chrizzle.  i hearts you.