a nauseating mixture of emotions.

Obama is officially our President.
I feel sick.
The two are completely unrelated.

I watched the inauguration online, since I don’t know of any televisions in the building, plus the whole “work” thing sort of requires that I stay at my desk.  I would have like to have been in some sort of group of people enjoying the moment together.  Being at Grant Park, one of the elusive 70,000 (plus their guests) who got tickets, was amazing.  I’m sure freezing out in DC would have been pretty cool too.  But I would have been happy with even just a small gathering of people around the department.  Nevertheless, I watched it online, by myself, at my desk.

I can’t say that I was full of excitement and glee, but I pretty sure I’ve got statement number two up there to thank for that…  I was, however, glad to hear that President Obama didn’t get too flowery in his speech.  That he acknowledge the mess we’re in, but that’s all part of the campaign of hope and change, right?  Well, I’m definitely hoping these next four eight years go well.  Things won’t be perfect, but well, it seems that people are really wanting to be proactive now.  That we might actually be taking responsibility as a nation.  Now that’s something I can be proud of.  I mean, voter turn out was great… and as I mentioned previously, this was the first time I voted in a presidential election.  (Last time I was at a taping of Jerry Springer.  See: VOTE. (seriously, or a velociraptor will hunt you down.))

I don’t expect things to get magic better or for things to change overnight.  And I hope the rest of the American Public isn’t that naive either (please, please, please don’t prove me wrong — please).  But, well.  Yeah.  I am happy.  I am hopeful.

… and yet, unrelatedly, my insides hurt and I’m in no mood to go celebrating our 44th President being sworn into office.  I don’t think I’ve ever been all that fond of my uterus, especially not its poor timing.   Granted, I do have happy little pills, which are supposed to help keep the pain to a minimum, that I could use to assist in scheduling… But well, eventually my body will need to go through its natural processes, which means I do indeed, probably, need to get my period at some point.

But it is the root of my current grumpy nature, the irritableness, and my desire to be in my piano keyboard sweatpants and tank top, curled up in variously blankets until I resemble some sort of fabric blob and just watch terrible television shows or movies until I inevitably take a nap.  However, I know that I’ll stick out the rest of the day at work (though not be as productive as I should be), and then probably even go out tonight to celebrate with Dani, and maybe MJJB, Neemer, and Angel among others.  The things I do for my friends and nation.