again and again

Well. It happened again. It seems I’m still on relationship fail mode.

I can understand why. We do live hours away. So I knew that actually developing something would take a bit more. Yet I go into getting to know people with an open, yet generally hopeful, mind.

But apparently, this one factor of distance is going to stop this one. I will say that there is a train between us, and it would be a 4 hour trip. However, I would be willing to take that train just to visit a friend, although it be as frequently as it would be otherwise. I mean, I’m going to be training it north to visit some wonderful GC kids — and maybe get some cheese. And I’ll be training it over to Chrissy, and hopefully on one of the nights she’s singing. If I had more time available, I’d go out to Kansas, Colorado, and probably Seattle as well. And out east to Pennsylvania, North Carolina, the Harrisonburg area, and New York. And well, with this guy, in my mind, he really wasn’t that far away — at least, it wasn’t a distance I considered unreasonable.

Anyway. So we’ve changed directions, turning away from making out, a deeper connection and trust, and exclusive rights to physical enjoyment.. and going into the land of platonic connections. And that’s fine. But for someone who talked a decent amount (a little to me, and some in his blog) about various girls who wouldn’t give him the time of day, it’s interesting that though he says he’s attracted to me physically and my personality, he’s not going to give me a chance… Oh well. As I’m sure Mennogirl will point out to everyone, it’s his loss.

We still might meet up. I’ve enjoyed our conversations, so I do want to keep developing our friendship. And I will say, there were no hard feelings when he and I talked about it. I actually respect him a lot for being upfront and not being a douche like other guys have been.

And, well, in other news, I’m finally going to get to visit with my good friend Larry this week — tomorrow even. He and I haven’t seen each other for about three or four years, but we keep in touch on and off as much as possible. So I’m definitely excited.