singing the same old song…

So your lovely little Wench here hasn’t had the best day…

I can’t say it was the worst day either though.

But today has indeed been hard.
One thing I will say, I haven’t heard from the swell guy for a couple days — and that conversation was detailed in the last post.  So that’s sort of sucked.  I guess I have to get used to that…  so that’s been a minor bummer of recently.

But what’s been weighing me down the most is work.  I finally talked with my boss today, hoping to work on of my concerns, see if we can change some things to make the work environment a decently enjoyable and at least healthy place for me.  Well, while it was good to get things out, it really doesn’t feel like things are going to change in the way that I’d need… or want… It’s just exhausting.  In the beginning, I could deal with it a bit more, though I would come home and just veg out.  Now, I barely have the energy to make it through the day while I’m at work.  My exhaustion was definitely showing today.  Dani had to sort of calm me down a little bit, encourage me to just get through it.

Today wasn’t all fail though.
A big plus to my day was finally getting to see my friend Jason B. again.  He’s got that whole grad. student thing going on right now, and has basically disappeared since Christmas break.  It was good seeing him again.  And hopefully, in two weeks after some of his research is done, we’ll be able to hang out once again.

So today didn’t suck completely… but it still wasn’t that great.  The day’s not over, so I’m still hoping for some more small, happy moments.  And as much as I want to, I can’t count out tomorrow.  Who knows, it might be freaking awesome — and I could definitely use a day like that.