of lit, writing, and comics: my thursday night

Last night, Dani and I attended a Literary Feast for a Creative Writing MFA program we’re both interested in (though, I will say, I don’t think it’s my first pick even despite the school’s ranking).  It was an interesting event.  We missed the first reader — the poet… but got there in time for the free (amazing) food and drinks, as well as more readings and questions.

My interest in an MFA program might be a surprise to some — seeing as I’ve primarily talked about my interest and application to film school for documentary work.  Well, after a little freaking out that I wasn’t going to get in (and I still don’t know), I decided to have a plan B… Well, plan B turn out to be writing, and I’m starting to be slightly more interested in it than film.  That might just be the realistic side in me, knowing that the film school I applied to only accepts 15 students a year.  And well, if you haven’t noticed, I like writing.

Anyway.  So I’ve been looking at MA and MFA programs around the Second City… I’ve also looked just slightly to see what other options I might have around the Midwest if I decided that I was ready to actually leave the city.  Right now I’m looking at 3 universities in the area, two are MFAs in Creative Writing (one also has an MA), and the other is an MA in Writing and Publishing.  My father would like to see me in a professional writing program, but I’m not sure.  And I’ve looked into Rhetoric and Composition too — this is what prompted my conversations with Wyrm‘s brother, since he does have a Ph.D. in the subject.

We’ll see where this all takes me… But from four grad school applications (assuming I get these next three in on time), I hope to be accepted to at least one of them… and there’s two I’d be thrilled with.

But, on with my night…

Dani’s attending AWP this weekend, which is this massive conference of writers (which, yes, does include cute writer boys — I so wish I was attending this conference).  Last night they just happened to have an amazing keynote address by an author (and artist) I really admire and love — Art Spiegelman.

Trust me, its Art Spiegelman
Trust me, it's Art Spiegelman

It was a great address.  It’s one of those things that I never could have imaged attending.  I mean, I didn’t even learn until I was heading to the Lit Feast that Spiegelman would be talking tonight, let alone be a part of AWP — and it wasn’t until after the feast that I learned that I had the possibility of attending!

I would love to hear him again, maybe in a smaller setting — but I won’t be picky.  It was an awesome experience and I’m greatful.

Now, for you… I’ve got about ten and half minutes from the beginning of his address for you.  Please ignore the lack of quality — though my mino is nicer than filming on my point-and-shoot canon — and ignore the shakiness.  Hopefully the audio isn’t too bad.

Art Spiegelman @ AWP 2.12.09