of taxes and updates

Well. I did it. I filed all my government paperwork. Taxes: Federal and State, as well as my FAFSA.

Last year, my returns were pathetic.  I mean, it’s always nice not to owe anything.. and getting something back is better than getting nothing… (Though, I will say, I’m not getting anything back from State… which led me to believe that I was filling the form out wrong, twice.)  This year, after having served a complete full year as a full time employee… I’m a little excited to be getting what I’m considering my first adult return.  Which I plan on putting directly in my savings for my moving fund.  My biggest worry has been making sure I’ll be able to pay my half of the deposit and first month’s rent… plus the other costs that go into moving…

Once I actually look at my funds a little more closely — I want to see how things are going to work out with moving and then settling up debts with roommates and all — but I’m hoping to replace my G4 iBook…  It still works well, but, it’s time to upgrade.  And well, it’s going to be replaced by a MSI Wind Hackintosh.  Then, eventually.. my 17″ (gen1) iMac will be replaced as well… probably with a machine similar to what I’m using now — a 24″ iMac… but that can come later….

Anyway.  Now that the taxes are done… and FAFSA is filed… it’s time I move on to my grad school applications….  Which means starting those essays now, and then having Dani look them over!  And making sure I have my references contacted regarding my letters! Ohhh.  so. much. fun.