band nerds are the hottest.

So yet again this week, my Thursday night did not fail to deliver. My Thursday was filled with much win.

Last night I crammed myself into a relatively smallish venue and then proceeded to rock the night away with a bunch of kick ass nerds.  None other than Mucca Pazza.

It was a sold out show — which is awesome, but unfortunate as I had pre-bought my ticket and Dani didn’t… I ran into one of my reading band friends and chatted with him for a bit before squirming my way towards the front.  At first I thought, nah, I’ll be okay in the back, I’ve seen MP tons of times, let some other fans get in on it…. Then I quickly snapped out of that and took every chance I could to get up there.  I don’t think I’ll ever get to the point where I just sit back and relax and just watch their show.  Nope.  Dancing is required.  Or at least bobbing and mildly flailing.

I ended up talking to a few new people in the crowd, their first MP show.  And well, being the little Reading Band pimp that I am, I found another musician who’d like to join us.  Another trumpet player.  I ended up hanging out with him and his girlfriend after the show for a bit, and got a free drink out of it.

Though I’m sad Dani missed out — and Jason B too, silly scientist grad student — there will be other shows, and well, I have this habit of sticking around for a while after the shows.  I got to talk with Elanor for a bit.  Apparently someone got trombone slapped.  In the face.  And, also, I found out it was Elanor who was tossing water on us… but given the heat in that room (and the stink), I was fine with it!  Chatting with Jim McB, a crazy cow who also joins us for reading band, was good.  I hadn’t talked to him since December after the show at the Bottom Lounge.  Of course I talked with Mark… it’s sort of a given.  As awesome as everyone is, I will say I have a soft spot for Small Ronnie.  Ever since she played happy birthday for me last year, well, she’s been on my win list.  Anyway.  She’s cute, and quirky, and a squeezer of boxes — what’s not to love?

Well, enough of my fangirl ramblings… On to some video!
Now, as I mentioned, this place was crowded… so it was very hard to hold the camera still.. and the lighting wasn’t the best once they were in the crowd.  But I tried.

Mucca Pazza - Toubeh
Mucca Pazza - Modutrongulous