small musings: a brief weekend and liveblogging

Most of my weekend I spent sleeping, lounging, or eating Indian food.

Seriously.  Two Indian buffets in two days.

However, last night, since our converter box won’t get ABC, the roommates sans Libby and I walked to the Land of Cana (it’s just down the alley a few buildings — oh, and happens to be the home of Mennogirl).  I’ve never really been big into award shows.  They’re entertaining, but I’m still indifferent.  My roommates were a bit more enthused.

Anyway.  Mennogirl decided to do a little live blogging of the Oscars.  Eventually she handed control over to me for a bit, and then later on I basically took over her blog for the night.
You can find our interesting liveblogging over at Mennogirl’s blog.

All I have to say, Wolverine is mine (dibs).  What now Mennogirl?