geared toward giggles

It seems like everyone has a friend in a band.  Some of these bands actually perform — a good number of my friends in bands do this.  Last night, Dani and I went to go support our friend Brett who was singing with his band Geared Towards Nowhere (GTN) at the Elbo Room.

Dani and I were psyched for a night of fun, dancing, giggling, and all around ridiculousness.  Brett deserves some fangirl lovin’.  We were actually surprisingly tame during his show (sorry Brett).  It was fun nonetheless.  It’s awesome supporting a friend in something they love.  Plus, I wish I had the .. erm.. courage to get up on a stage and sing (or perform in any manner).  Outside of a few exceptions, I prefer to leave my singing in showers or other spaces where I’m probably the only occupant.  I will admit to getting better at singing with friends, generally in the car… And I do sing in groups for things such as church services or when I join my roommates for various other Mennonite activities.

Anyway.  Yes.  I would love to be a rockstar.  I think we all knew that.  But seeing as I don’t have much patience to relearn the bass or piano, teach myself the guitar, or even practice my bariphonium — I don’t really think being in a band* is in my immediate future.  I can sing.  But being able to sing and people wanting to listen to you are two different things.  (I’m not saying that I’m bad or anything, but that whole lacking of performing thing sort of doesn’t give me much to go on.)

We had fun hanging out with Brett, even if his band did go on a half hour later than they were scheduled.  (He was wise and took off work.)  I’m looking forward to his next show.  Maybe then Dani and I will cause a ruckus up in the front.

Like OMG its Brett from GTN!!!!1!!
"Like OMG it's Brett from GTN!!!!1!!"
GTN - In My Place
GTN - ??
GTN - new song

*other than the Reading Band.