me, recently, in list form.

Here’s a bit of an update, which will hopefully justify why I haven’t really been able to write like I’d prefer… This is just one of the slightly crazy hectic times of the year….

  • Josh visited and it was good… Though we’re not going to be roommates if/when he moves to the city…
  • New medications = productive Rini at work.  This is a very good thing. Plus, the side effects are wearing off…
  • Without Josh as a roommate, I began looking for 1 bedrooms… and was crossing my fingers for something affordable.
  • I found a few places I liked, and scheduled to view one last Wednesday…
  • I really liked that place, the first one I looked at, and paid the deposit that night….
  • Had an interview on Friday, it went well, and we’ll see how that all goes.  No further details until I get some sort of official word.
  • I bail on a Mucca Pazza concert, a party, dancing, and another party….
  • I bought a new tea kettle and a small cheese grater for the new apartment.
  • Tomorrow we’ve got tours and I’ve got Reading Band.
  • Wednesday I sign my lease and make it official.  The kitties and I will be moving to a small garden apartment in Lakeview.
  • Thursday 1st of annual meetings at work, afterwards Mennogirl and I will drive off into the sunset to see Dooce and buy her new book… (this is also my bubby’s birthday.  hooray for super awesome bubbies.)
  • Friday is the 2nd of the annual meetings at work… get home and CRASH. (I mean, pack.)
  • Weekend: PACK LIKE CRAZY
  • … then April 4th: MOVE.

Yep.  That’s been my life.  And at some point I need to see a dentist about my wisdom teeth… they’re rather annoying in the sense that my mouth is in a lot of pain… and well, if I want to continue doing that eating thing I like… I should have them looked at soon…