The Clip Post of Awesomeness: or Wench's 6 month anniversary.

So 6 months ago I decided I didn’t have enough blogs in my life and decided to start a new one where I rambled on about how my Wednesday sucked…  At that point the blog was called “Post Collegiate Lessons” off of a category I had from another blog…  Within a week or so, I decided that the title also sucked and switched it to “Hopelessly Yours…” which seemed to fit.  I once had a radio show with the same name, and that went over fairly well.  But things didn’t feel quite right.

And thus, pink dinos and all, Wench was born and became this lovely, pink blog before you.

What’s impressed me the most is the global readership.

I’ve had visitors from 23 different countries (yes, including the US).  I wish I could write to you all in your own language, but I’m not all that gifted.  As some readers could probably point out, for someone who’s wanting to earn an MFA in writing, I still have issues with English and grammar.

Anyway… Here’s a list of countries of my international readers (in no particular order):
South Africa, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, UK, Canada, Ireland, Argentina, France, Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands, India, Germany, Belgium, Portugal, Malaysia, Italy, Ukraine, Czech Republic, New Zealand, and yes, the United States.
Thanks a lot for visiting and reading!!

Anyway, in 6 months you probably seen me through at least 5-7 crushes, read way too about my lack of relationships, (hopefully) enjoyed some kitten antics with me, witnessed history with Obama, I informed you about concerts, shared videos, and talked about nerdy-love and even my underwear….

And given the upcoming changes in my life, plus the fact that I’ll probably always be infatuated with at least one boy… there’s only more craziness and nerdy-love to come…

Thanks for my first 6 months here at Wench.  It’s been awesome.  I’ve been awesome.  And hell, you’ve been awesome too.