Broken Noses and Close Calls: An Ode to my Brother…

That, my friends, is someone who definitely makes my list of all-time favorite people.  And today, he turns 27.

It is my job as a little sister to idolize my older brother… and well, I met that criteria from birth.  I was always trailing behind him, wherever Timmy went, I wanted to go to.  And while his first word was “kitty” — a nice two syllable word — mine was “Tim”.  So much for the typical “momma” and “dada” stuff; maybe it says something about our priorities at that age… Especially given that Tim once tried to stick our grandfather’s cat’s head in his mouth… (This was before I was born, so I’m just going based on the stories I know.)

Just as it was my job to love and adore, and ultimately (at least mildly) annoy my dear older brother… It was his job to watch out for and protect his awkward, well-meaning little sister.  He and his friends (who all became sort of a network of other brothers for me) taught me how to play baseball, football, street hockey, they helped me with my bike and roller blades, and they also teamed up to tease me too… My brother also allowed me to help him practice some of his wrestling moves — mainly all the ones where I was pinned down and completely immobile.

Though we did fight and argue (or as my mom would say, scream.. which I guess I can take the credit for most of it), it was generally only when we were just goofying around having fun that one of us would get hurt.  (Though, well, I went through a biting phase when I was really young…) There are two — though one could argue only one — situations where I actually got hurt a bit more than intended…  Timmy and I were goofying off, and he went in to pretend like he was going to headbutt me (I had a pillow covering my face), and well, I moved the pillow and his forehead met my nose.  The second time was pretty much the same situation, except at a different house, and well, we don’t think I moved the pillow this time… But the thing is, each of us only remember one of the situations.. so this is why maybe it only happened once, and well, given the blow my nose and his head took.. that’s why the memory is fuzzy… But it’s left me with a crack in the bridge of my nose.  His hard head went unscathed until a bmx biking accident about four years ago — resulting in 13 stitches in his head and one fake tooth.

As much as he’s protective of me — all the boys in school knew who’s little sister I was — I was (and still am) pretty protective of my Timmy.  Back in 1996, my brother became very ill.  We took him to a walk-in clinic, who said it was just the flu and to give him tons of liquid, sports drinks, and rest… So Timmy rested, and drank a lot of gatoraide… and got worse.  My mother called our normal physician — Timmy was jaundice and pretty much just a skeleton — and the proceeded to take him to the ER.  We were told that Tim had a blood sugar level over 1500, and should probably be in a coma (if not worse)… My big brother was diagnosed with Diabetes type I.  He’s since managed the condition pretty well.  But I’ll never forget how close I was to loosing my bubby.

While he does continue to do some stupid stuff… I still have so much respect for my brother.  He’s smarter than he’ll give himself credit.  Also… Timmy’s one hell of a father.  I love him and his little girl so much… I would do anything for them.

Happy Birthday Timmy!

I love you, bubby, beyond words.