shenanigans and band-nerdary: a tale of my wednesday…

I need to start off right away that there would be no story of my night if it wasn’t for the encouragement of Ollie to actually go out.

That’s right.  Yesterday, despite having looked forward to my evening since about 2pm and even having purchase tickets a week in advance, I was seriously contemplating just skipping everything and staying home. LAME. I know.  So I texted Ollie and Tabs and told them I was on the fence.  Dani wasn’t going.   And my bed is amazingly comfortable.  Tabs replied that she was stuck at the studio… but Ollie called said that he and a friend would be at a bar a couple blocks from my new place and that there might be a ride available to me if I did indeed want to go out.  This ruins my plan to be lazy.  How can I not go if someone’s offering transportation?

So, I wait until they’re about to leave that bar and then join them there to catch a ride.  When I got there I couldn’t find them in the main bar area, so that meant they were still at the concert there.  So I texted.  Right when I finished I looked up and saw none other than the Virginian.  He had just moved from the Midlands of Lakeview to the Westlands of Wicker Park before I moved… and we had hardly spoken for a while… We had exchanged a few messages recently because of the aforementioned moves, and I had invited him to join me this evening though I doubted he would.  I was right.  He was meeting a female friend of his at that bar.  No matter.  I met up with Ollie and his friend and we were off to the Bottle to see my favorite group — you shouldn’t even be guessing by now — Mucca Pazza.

Now, I know I know… Why the hell would I ever want to skip out on a MP show, especially if I already paid for my ticket….  I was weak, tired, cold, and LAME… that’s why.  Luckily it really didn’t take much to convince me how awesome of a night I would have and how much I would seriously be kicking myself if I hadn’t gone.  Not only is MP one of my favorite live shows, and just in general bands, but as I’ve mentioned, I’ve developed a great fondness for a number of the members.  Honestly, if you can’t love a band nerd, then I just don’t know what to do with you.

At the bottle, after making a mental note that one of the door guys is hot, we hit the bar.  They’ve got Woodchuck on tap.  Given that my liver and general insides do not care much for beer, cider has been a well-welcomed substitute.  So Woodchuck in hand, we make our way through the crowd during the second act… I meet new people — more of Ollie’s friends… and then bump into this kinda cute, not too tall, skinny kid — the Canadian.  We chat a bit, and then I notice that the crowd is clearing a bit now that the performer is gone… so I, of course, push forward, encouraging this guy to come along with me.  Front row.

So I talk to this guy a bit as various nerds and freaks set up the stage.  He’s entertaining, and we quickly decide that we’re going to be best friends for the show.  Turns out he knows Tall Ronnie — one of the K12 percussionists — and Small Ronnie too, I think he said she’s in some class with him taught by Tall Ronnie.  I point out a few members that are scuttling around and bring up the reading band.  Anyway.  We chat for a while.

The show begins and we’re dancing around… I probably got into dancing the most I ever have at this show.  The energy was just too great not too.  The Canadian grinds on me a little — something that is a little off at a marching band show — and wraps his arms around me.  Since I can still bounce around like a little fan girl, I’m not too opposed to this attention.  Eventually another guy who’s been dancing around us that I noticed — and complimented his hat — he starts dancing up on me too.  I decide that I’m okay with this as I don’t really know how I completely feel about the Canadian just yet.  This guy starts grinding on me too!  Then, in the middle of a song, he just leans in and makes out with me.  The first time it happened, I was okay with it… But throughout the night he kept at it.  Grinding more, kissing more, and even holding on to the back of my shirt in a possessive way… He was almost herding me at one moment, because I really wasn’t sure of this guy and wanted to keep my new friend the Canadian.

Now, I’m a band nerd through and though… Which ultimately means that I’ve got a dirty, dirty mind (part of that also comes from 4 years of hanging out with the boys’ track team in high school and also from being in theatre/drama club).  Nerds, dorks, geeks.. whatever, we’re all seriously pretty horny.  And I’ve got way too many memories of band-sluttiness (not my own) to really care for.  Granted, in my school, the drama kids were also the band kids… and when you share dressing rooms and absolutely do not care to cover your windows on the bus you’re changing on… yeah.

… Anyway… back to my night… I’m a band nerd.  Therefore, I have a dirty mind and am generally, decently horny.  But yeah, I don’t know.  It felt sort of … odd.. just making out like that during the show.  I mainly wanted to get away because I was missing the show!  This dude and his tongue were getting in my way of enjoying the nerdary.

Though I’m not completely against PDA, I didn’t really want to be that girl last night.  But at least I provided some giggles for others as I know at least Small Ronnie noticed what I was up to… and I’m guessing the trombone line did too because they were right in front of us.  After the concert was over, the Canadian and I wandered off looking for people for me to talk to… (mainly I was trying to find Small Ronnie and Jim McB.)  Kissing after the concert, completely acceptable… though I was sort of done with the other guy, and focused more on the Canadian.  And well, I got a couple pecks from Small Ronnie too.

I chatted with a few band nerds I hadn’t really gotten to know yet, had some time with Small Ronnie and Paul (who I really hope can come to work here in the facility), and contemplated approaching another trombone player… Though after my almost attempt at asking out Tom (married), I pretty much hadn’t really had the idea or motivation to make any more attempt on any other members.  (Though MP members could certainly make attempts at me.)  So, I resisted.  Plus, I had already made out with two guys that night… might be a little awkward/ehn for me to try to pick up a third.

We found Ollie and his friend, who dropped us off at a bus stop we thought would take us right back to my place.  Yes folks, I was taking the Canadian home.  We boarded the northbound bus, which eventually went east… I wasn’t too worried, I thought that maybe it’d jaunt back to the proper road and we could be dropped off a block from my place.  Once we were the last ones on the bus, and were reaching the end of the line, the drive realized that we had no idea where we were going.  So we got off and waited for a northwestern bus… chatted with a life-time Second City man… and eventually got back to my place.

Now.  I had told the Canadian at the bar that he could crazy on my couch because he lived freakishly far away in the far Southern Lands of Hyde Park — yes, near our President’s building… I flat out told him that nothing would happen.  And besides for some cuddling — I caved and let the self-proclaimed cuddle slut share my bed — and some more making out, nothing happened.  He wanted it.  But I just wasn’t up for it.  I had gotten the male attention I wanted, and seriously needed to get some sleep.

I was able to get 2 hours of sleep last night.  I’m surprised I’m still functioning.  And I also must say that I’m disappointed in myself for not bringing a camera or my mino to the concert.  But it was nice to actually be able to bounce around and shake by booty without begin distracted by my camera’s need for me to be still (which I feel is very hard to do at an MP show, and a stupid thing to do as well).

I’ll probably hang out with the Canadian again.  He’s a fun guy.  I just don’t know if it’ll go anywhere.  And I’m all right with that.  Who knows, maybe I’ll meet the right geek one of these days.