some nerdy love for your wednesday morning…

So while I was perusing the interwebs this morning, checking out a local venue that Olly is insistent that I go to one of these days (first round on him)… and well, I got a nice .. nay.. AMAZING surprise….

Yes indeed those are my favorite nerds playing along with Andrew Bird. It just brought so much joy to my morning to be all like “OMG It’s Jim! Tony! Mark! Small Ronnie! Elanor! Paul! OMGOMGOMG!” And of course everyone else too.  (I’m seriously such a little fan girl.)

In more nerdery… Reading Band was last night and we’re continuing to improve and still drawing in new members.  I will have to say too, I’m not as terrible as I normally claim to be.  I do need to continue working on my reading skills.  And that whole brain to finger coordination thing… But my tone is coming back as is my strength/stamina in my embouchure.  Last night we missed some of our usuals, but had some returning people (Jim McB and Andy T) as well as some new MP folk joining us — Paul and Small Ronnie.  And as is becoming tradition, we went out for drinks afterwards where Tabs and I made plans on a music writing night with the goal of arranging video game soundtracks.

What can I say, band nerds are simply awesome.  (And full of win!)