where talk meets walk

When it comes to ideas, I’ve got loads of them.  I’m not talking opinions, though I’ve got some of those too, I’m talking ideas, thoughts, plans, dreams.  I’ve got an overactive imagination.  My imagination, and consequently my mind, are constantly working.  It’s great — I love that it’s part of who I am — however, it can be distracting.

One of the issues I have with my supercharged imagination is that there’s this constant flow of ideas that I get so excited about.  As a result, I talk and dream big, but don’t always push forward with the follow-through.  This bothered my mom.  My dad’s the same way, we always have all these ideas and schemes and plans, but don’t really do much about most of them.  Because of all of my talk, my mom actually thought I changed my major every other week — when in actuality, I just talked about a lot of other interests I had and was excited about at the moment.  I still do this.

So here I am, nearly 25, trying to figure out what life goals I have — trying to decipher which ones are real goals and which just fall into the category of “oh that’d be awesome if…”  I do have a generalized 5-year plan.  It’s a loose set of things I’d like to accomplish, but still have freedom for things, such as life, to happen as well.

I’ve seen a lot of people with “life lists” — a long set of goals, typically 100, that they’d like to accomplish before they die.  I’ve debated creating such a list myself.  On one hand it would be fun to see what I could accomplish.  But on the other hand, crossing things off a list sort of takes some of the spontaneity out of it.  I’d rather have a list (or a book rather) of all the things I’ve done and accomplished rather than a list of things I’d like to do.  I’m not saying that these lists are a bad idea, I just don’t feel like they’re for me.  I don’t want my list of accomplishments to also be a list of things I never got around to…

So what do I want to do in the next 5 years?  How am I going to make the most of my 20s and what steps am I going to take to make turning 30 be pretty darn awesome?

Here’s a (hopefully) short list of things I wouldn’t mind doing before I hit that dreaded Three-Oh:

  • Start and complete grad school: (currently/preferably) MFA in Creative Writing
  • Get rid of some of the junk in my life: the excess clothes, shoes, and just mass of things that I don’t really need or use
  • Leave the country for at least 3 months: Preferably returning to China for a bit, maybe visiting the cousins in Africa or Finland… Or just traveling around with a great companion…
  • Do more research and possibly obtain PhD that melds New Media Studies with Writing, Rhetoric and Literature
  • Pursue one of my passions as a career
  • Budget for annual donations to charities
  • Do a family ensemble with my mom and brother at my mom’s church
  • Begin doing serious research into adoption and foster parenting, going into it with an open mind, but not making any commitments…

Most of them are broad goals, but they’re the stepping stones towards something.  I may not know my end destination, but I’ve got some direction and I’m going to do my damndest to enjoy as much as I can!