so excited I might just explode

It has arrived!  After months of waiting, the day has finally come!


[singlepic id=38 w=320 h=240 float=center]

Yeah, I’m going to be doing what Bret’s doing — leaping and bounding my way to my loves.  Go a head and say it.  I know what I am.  I’m fine being a fangirl.  I’m truly not that obsessed, but well, Mennogirl might report differently after tonight.

I lucked out, really.  Mennogirl and I had been talking about seeing the show, and she was able to get us access to presale tickets.  So at our respective computers we worked away until finally, after two failed attempts (one of which was losing 2 seats in the second to last row), I got them.  I got 2 fifth row tickets.  I nabbed them as soon as possible, not even really consulting with Mennogirl.

So now it’s here.  Mennogirl and I will be driving to the concert, since she has a further way to go back home.  Unfortunately, cameras aren’t allowed… at least from what I remember.  Either way, I don’t have my camera on me.  I actually don’t really know where it or my flip mino are… but that’s whatever.  It doesn’t matter now.  I will indeed document as much of the pre- and post-concert going with my lovely little camera phone.  So expect some low quality images.

Anyway… here’s a little bit of what you’ll be missing…