KIDNAP ALERT – Wench gone missing!

So I regret to inform you faithful readers that the lovely and win-filled Wench has absconded to New Zealand with her new lover, Jemaine. Yes, some of you may be thinking that this relationship is moving too fast, but if you would have been at the concert last night you would have seen the immediate sparks between them.

In fact it should be noted that when Jemaine first appeared on stage, Rini audibly gasped and then proceeded to mumble something about chest hair over and over again. As for Jemaine, I knew he felt something special when he kept singing these sad love songs about rejection and totally looking in our direction! (In fact he seemed to get distracted sometimes by the way that Rini kept audibly expressing her love for him. But what really closed the deal was Jemaine’s personal serenade of “Sugarlumps” directly totally towards Rini. At that point, I knew that I would have to say goodbye to my dear friend, but I wish her well in the land of the kiwis and I am sure Jemaine and her will make very pretty babies together.

Before they ran off to climb aboard their private jet, I did manage to get this one picture of their perfect love.

Obviously keeping these two apart would be nie impossible.
Obviously keeping these two apart would be nie impossible.

Faithfully reported by Mennogirl