greetings! from… not new zealand….

Well I’ve returned from my short-lived affair, gallivanting with kiwis… Though my love for Jemaine will never die, there are just things here in the Second City I can’t abandon… not to mention the whole long-term girlfriend/WIFE that he’s got…

I’ve got responsibilities to my kittens (who celebrated their first birthday a couple weeks ago… well, we sort of forgot the celebration part, but they’re a year old now)… And I also could not turn my back on my truly amazing nerdy bandmates just before our first show!

Yes, indeed, my community Reading Band had its first show on Friday (5.1.09).  We were a part of the May Day AREA Chicago #8 release party.  And can I just say, what a crowd.  I don’t think any of us had any sort of idea what to expect (well, aside from maybe David, one of our trumpet players)… The scene was full of a lot of hipster kids, pretty much all of them there for the release party.  One of my Northern Territory friends was there as well, didn’t realize that the release party and my show were the same thing… The virginian along with Dani and her boy also showed up to support me.  There were some amazingly stellar solos (though, sadly, no bongo solo), a good bit of dancing, and an overwhelming sense of merriment.

From what some of my bandmates are telling me, we’re getting some amazing feedback, and even some requests.  So it looks like there’s a lot in store.  One of which will have to be determining and settling (possibly compromising) on a name.  The farthest we’ve gotten is the “_________ Brigade”.  (For those of you wondering, The Reading Band is a near-50 member community group out of which smaller ensembles are being formed… well, basically we have about 12 regulars which formed the members of that concert.)

All I know, is despite how cute I dressed (and I’ll post pictures and videos soon), it’s very challenging to look damn cute while actually playing a baritone.  At least I had the damn awesome part covered.