oh babe, I really hate to go…

What do you do when you find yourself being attracted to someone who’s leaving in two weeks?
I don’t mean moving to a different neighborhood or anything, I mean moving.  Packing everything up and moving hundreds of miles away.  You’re just getting to know someone, to really enjoy them… and then before you can catch your breath and place your feet back on the ground, they’re gone.

I spent a very enjoyable evening last night with one of my bandmates.  A small group of us had decided to go out together… He and I danced a bit, and continued our giggling and flirting from practice.  He’s got a relaxed energy to him that just draws me in. … maybe it’s his smile, or his eyes… Or maybe it’s the way he dances.  Regardless.  I’m becoming smitten with this handsome fellow.

Normally this is when I’d swell up with joy and hope and pink fluffy brain goo…  As awesome as I think this guy is, it doesn’t change the fact that in two short weeks, at the end of this month, he’ll be leaving the Second City and moving to the Capital (and I’m not talking a couple hours away, I’m talking chumming up with Mr. Obama singing “won’t you be my neighbor?”)…  My mind just wants to reach out and go “but, but.. no.. that’s not enough time…”  It wants to search out any and every way to keep him here so I can continue on this twitterpated path.

There’s really nothing I can do in this situation — at least in regards to convincing him to stay.  I’m going to enjoy the time I have with him, which really isn’t hard to do… And when the time comes, I’m going to wish him all the best with the move.  Hopefully we’ll keep in touch.